The Partiologist: North Pole Christmas Cookies!

North Pole Christmas Cookies!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I'm spreading Christmas Joy over at Hungry Happenings, with a couple Christmas Cookie ideas.  There's not much time before Christmas, so today I'm going to show you how to make Two Christmas Cookies.

North Pole Cookie Pops

plus easy
Chocolate Covered Christmas OREO's

And of course, a unique way to display them~
Find out all the sugary details at Hungry Happenings.



  1. These are very sweet and your display is adorable and so festive!

    1. Thank you Paula, the display was a hit with the guests!

  2. i think if Christmas ran year round, you would never stop thinking up great ideas-goodness every one of your posts are chock-filled with awesomeness! :)

    1. Lisa, I think you're right, I come up with ideas right up until the day of the party. So it's a good thing Christmas is one day only! :)


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