The Partiologist: Tree of Love Cookies!

Tree of Love Cookies!

I'm sure you know by now, each Sunday, I'm partying over at Hungry Happenings.   I really enjoy my visit and try to come up with something new and exciting.  I don't know if you would call a tree exciting, but a Tree of that's exciting!
Tree of Love Cookies!

And the best part?  This tree has grown a few hearts of it's own...

If you want to impress your valentine with these cookies, head to Hungry Happenings and find out how! 
It's Very Sweet!


  1. Love your ideas!! Where did you get the cookie cutters from? Thanks Gina F

    1. Thank you so much! I've had both of the cutters for years and I don't remember where I purchased them. If you google folk art heart and also plaque cookie cutters, several options will come up. Hope this helps!

    2. I've found the site that carries both types, Here is a link for the Heart:
      And the plaque:


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