The Partiologist: Grass Skirt Caramel Apple!

Grass Skirt Caramel Apple!

Aloha!  Are you ready to hit the beach, Hawaiian style?  Have you ever had a Hawaiian Caramel Apple?  Basically, it's a caramel apple dressed in a grass skirt...looks like I decided to let my apple do the hula.  Can't you just imagine it swaying in the breeze?

Grass Skirt Caramel Apple

Oh, it's the perfect weather in Hawaii...wish you were here.  That was the apple talking.

And me?  Wishful thinking.

But I'm going to make the best of it and share fun Hawaiian themed desserts.

I have had the pleasure of vacationing in Hawaii many many years ago.  One thing that stood out, besides the obvious beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, was the day we left, I found out I could have taken hula lessons.  I may have missed my calling.

It looks like I'm going to let the apple do the dancing.

One day before making the apple, you'll need to make the hibiscus flowers.

Roll and cut bright colored fondant hibiscus with a flower former.

After making all the flowers, let dry overnight in a flower former.

Ad a small white sugar pearl to the center of each flower.

I took the easy way out and I do mean easy.
Caramel apple wraps, have you tried them?  Seriously, takes minutes to wrap an apple and melt.  The only downside, there is no left over caramel in the bottom of the pan to eat.

Melt in the oven for five minutes's a wrap!

I tried a few ways to put the grass skirt on the apple and found this was the easiest.
Roll a long piece of green fondant.
Cut the green fondant with a rolling mincer, and trim the top, leaving a little fondant at the top so the grass doesn't fall off.
Go back through with a pizza cutter to make smaller grass strips.
Moisten the back of the fondant and stick to the caramel.
Add a dot of frosting and then the hibiscus and a leaf.
Turn on the music...

 Aloha nui loa


  1. I loooooooooove caramel apples! But wow oh wow, a caramel apple wrap?! You guys seriously get everything possibly imaginable over there in the US!

    And you’re always so creative, too. Love the hula grass shirts. I want to hula around the room now! ;)

    Lisa // Sweet 2 Eat Baking

    1. Oh, I love caramel apples too and having those wraps makes it so easy. Thanks for stopping by, hope you're doing the hula by now! :)

  2. oh goodness another fantastic hawaiian treat! you're so awesome Kim! :)

    1. You're the best for thinking I'm so awesome! LOL

  3. Your pretty grass skirt apples make me.."wanna go back to my little grass shack--in Hawaii!" Oohh..these are so awesome!!

    1. Thank you Karen - I agree, while making all these Hawaiian themed sweets, I find myself dreaming of the islands!

  4. Oh I've never seem those caramel apple wraps. Wow that looks so easy, more time for the cute decorating :)

    1. The wraps are a great time saver for sure - thank you Linda!

  5. I love this! Where did you find the hibiscus cutter and mold?

    1. Thank you so much! I've had the mold for quite awhile, so after a little research I found it again!


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