The Partiologist: Towel Hut Treats!

Towel Hut Treats!

Today I'm heading to the pool, well not really but I remember the days when I went to the pool and my first stop was at the towel hut.  I'm stopping at the hut not only to gather up the towels, but to gather up a few treats.  Did you know any treat can be a pool party treat?
Towel Hut Treats!

A selection of three chocolate pool themed sweets were added.

Flip Flop Scotcharoos
Gingerbread Beach Ball Cookie Sandwiches

Summerime S'mores
 I told you any treat could be a pool treat.. with the right accessories.

Everything was displayed next to the beach bag which was filled with flip flops, towel, sunglasses and hat.

After making the Scotcharoo bars, I topped each one with a chocolate flip flop.
Now, it is a pool treat.

Simple to make with the tiny flip flop mold.

Then...the story continues,

Right in the middle of the month of June, I made Gingerbread Beach Ball Sandwiches. I sure did.
I've been all about using gingerbread during the summer.  I must be going through my rebellious stage.
Using an imprint beach ball cookie cutter, I made two cookies and filled the center with chocolate ganache.

It was a pool party favorite!

Another favorite was the chocolate drizzled S'mores.

Just like being neat and tidy by the pool, I like to keep my S'mores neat and tidy!

This is all you need.  Stick the marshmallow to the graham cracker using a little melted chocolate.  

Drizzle the top with melted Wilton S'mores chocolate candy melts.

Nice and tidy when taking bite.

As you can see no lifeguard was on duty and I wanted my guests to be safe...

Mable and I are heading to the to join us?

Splash into Summer!


  1. Mable looks like she's ready for a swim! You look beautiful, too nice to get your hair wet :-)
    I love you collection of treats and would be happy to enjoy them at the pool this summer.

    1. Aww thanks Beth, you know I would never post a photo of the way I look on a normal day! LOL

  2. Congratulations for being so creative and talented! I admire your work very much.

  3. You thought of everything. Even the flip flops in the bag were red!!! Looks like such a fun summer party!! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thank you, it was the closest thing to a vacation I have had! :)

  4. All your treats look just scrumptious and...those flip flops!! I can't believe I've never made ganache, but it sure sounds like a yummy cookie filling. Happy swimming and summer to you and Miss Mable! :)

    1. Oh my, you must make ganache, I use it on everything! :)

  5. now that's the kind of beach treats i want! Mable looks a little stiff so can i have her treats? heehee ;)

    1. Of course you can have Mable's treats, she won't mind! :)


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