The Partiologist: How to have a Pool Party without a Pool!

How to have a Pool Party without a Pool!

Normally, one would not have a pool party without a pool, right?  Well, I've always wanted to have a pool to lounge and party around...I might even go a bit crazy to think I'd actually jump in.  Only it looks like a pool is not in my future, so I'm going to show you how to have a "Pool-less" Pool Party!

Pool Party Table

Here's a way to incorporate the feel of the pool without getting wet.

Oriental Trading had so many beach ball items, I decided to go with bright beach ball colors.

Starting with the adorable umbrella, which I used for the centerpiece.

I just so happened to have a three tired stand that came apart.  After removing the top tier, the stand held the umbrella perfectly.
Lemon Pinwheel Party Punch.  So cute with the added pinwheels don't you think?

Even though I don't have a pool, I have a huge supply of pool floats and beach towels, flip flops etc., which I used through out the party.  Plus hula hoops filled the windows...doesn't everyone have six hula hoops stored away?

But first let's look at the table.

I used a vinyl shower curtain to get the feel of the water. 

And when I ordered the beach ball drink cozies from Oriental Trading, I had other plans than to hold a drink.

I used the cozies as the centerpiece for each plate of goodies. 

Instead of placing a beverage in the cozy, I added a small dessert dish and filled it with M & M's.

So cute!!!!  They were the perfect addition to my table!

Here's how...
The bottom of the glass dessert dish fit perfectly. 

Just look around your cupboards and I'm sure you'll have some kind of glass that would fit.

Once I had everything in place, another Oriental Trading catalog came in the mail.

Wait!!  How did I miss these bright little Frisbees?  Perfect to hold my Beach Ball topped Blueberry Cheesecake!

Should I really order again?  Of course, they were offering free shipping!  Loved the look of the beach ball picks along with the Frisbee on the bottom.

Right behind the cheesecake, I had my stand filled with boxes of swim ring cupcakes.  Not just any box, a super cute Splish Splash cupcake box.

Take a peek at what's inside...Swim Ring Cupcakes.

I topped each cupcake with fondant to look like pool water and added a gummy life savor for the swim ring.

Making your pool water for the cupcake is really quite simple.

Roll blue fondant combined with white until you get a nice blue swirl.

Cut the circles before the colors are totally mixed.

Place in a flower former to dry in a curve shape and add to the top of your cupcake.

Place a little gummy life savor on each.

And just in case my guests were thirsty...Oriental Trading had me covered.  Not only would it hold beverages, it also served as the "Pool"!

First, I filled it with Kool Pops, because they were the perfect colors.

But there was plenty room for more!

With the attached beach ball in the center, I filled the bottom with ice and beverages all the way around.

You can add to the fun by making cute labels for your water bottle.

Another way I incorporated the beach ball into my pool party was with bags of Beach Ball Popcorn.

I found the bags at Oriental Trading, aren't they the cutest?  Here's a peek inside.

Filled the bags with a mix of popcorn and M & M's....these pool treats won't melt in the sun!

Thanks to Oriental Trading, my pool party was a SPLASH!

“This review is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided the umbrella, boxes, cozies, inflatable beverage pool and beach ball bags free of charge by Oriental Trading. I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.”

Wait until you see the buffet...grab your towel and dry off, it's almost time for lunch!

Let's Beat the Heat!


  1. Who needs a pool when they have you as their hostess. You always throw amazing parties!

    1. Thank you Beth, I would love for you to be able to attend someday! :)

  2. Awesome! I love it!!! I feel so refreshed!

    1. You are so sweet, I hope all the guests felt refreshed too - Thanks for the comment!

  3. WOW what fun! i'm in love with the way you used those cozies and frisbees and shower curtain and...heck i love it all :)!!!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I really loved the way the cozies worked out too, one of my favorite!

  4. This is so cute!! You always have the best ideas, Kim!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, it was so much fun putting together this party!

  5. Kim, you’re so awesome with these endless creative party ideas. I literally love every. single. thing. you did here; from the shower curtain, the fitting the umbrella in the 3 tier stand, the little frisbees, the beechball bags, boxes, and the desserts and drinks, of course.

    You always blow me away, and girl, I so wish you were closer - I’d love for you to throw me a party. It would be the best party ever!

    1. Oh Lisa, I would LOVE to throw you a party - you deserve it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me all that bloggy love! :)

  6. I Love it all! That's what I call a pool cheery and colorful! So since I also am pool-less, I just need to go and find my own hiding hula hoops and put together a fun party like yours. Awesome Kim! :o)

    1. You know what they say..."Where there's a will, there's a way"! Thank you for diving in the fun!

  7. Cute pool party, I love all the details!!! Thank you for linking up to The Party Gals Linky Party!


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