The Partiologist: Confetti Cookie Cake!

Confetti Cookie Cake!

I'm DONE!!   Done with reloading thousands photos I accidentally deleted from my blog.  Truly, if I had really wanted to do something like that, I would have had to hire someone for help.  But I was able to do it on my own...and without knowing, deleted thousands of photos in a matter of minutes.  I was devastated and worked morning 'til night, day after day, to get them all replaced.

In celebration of being finished, I decided to share something that makes me happy.  This confetti cookie cake makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too! 
So with great pleasure, I present to you the...
Confetti Cookie Cake!
So simple and sweet, I know you'll want to make this.

Several rectangle cookies make up the four tier cake. 

No extra support is needed to hold up all the layers!

After flooding the top with royal icing, I added little dots of sprinkles.
Finished the bottom of each cookie with a buttercream border.
It will be the easiest four tier cake you'll ever make.  Let's get started.
Once you get this rectangle cookie cutter from Whisked Away Cutters, you'll find so many uses for it.  Plus, it comes in many sizes, not to mention over a hundred of other cutters you can chose from.
I had one size rectangle and started by cutting the full size.
Then I kept cutting the cookies making them smaller and smaller.
 After cutting the cookies, I assembled them on the baking pan to make sure they were the right size. 
I baked the larger cookies on one cookie sheet and the smaller ones on another sheet.  I thought the larger cookies would need longer to bake, and I was right!
Remove from oven and let cool.
Once the cookies have cooled, begin piping a border around the cookie and fill in with white royal icing.
Let the cookies set until the icing is dry. 
This way the sprinkles won't sink into the royal icing.
After the icing has dried, using a food safe paint brush, paint a little karo syrup across the top of the cookie and add sprinkles.
Go back and add a few dots of syrup and add additional sprinkles.
On the bottom of each sprinkled cookie, using a #16 decorating tip, pipe a border in a circular motion.
On the smallest rectangle, using buttercream frosting and a round tip, pipe legs for the cake stand.
Stack them all together and you've got yourself a cute confetti cake!
After making the first confetti cake, I decided to make another...
This time using fondant for the confetti.

 Homemade fondant confetti.
I used different size decorating tips to create the fondant circles out of pastel fondant to match the colors of the sprinkles.
To decorate the cake, I added the circles to the cookie cake starting at the bottom left, graduating up to the top. Takes the Cake!



  1. These cookies are so cool. It's one of my favorite projects on your site. They would be perfect for so many occasions. The tip about adding the sprinkles after the icing dries is very helpful. I might have skipped that step to save time and would not have ended up with such pretty cookies. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Beth, I was thinking the same thing when I was making them! I've had too many times when I sprinkle the sprinkles and they sink into the frosting, so I thought there must be a better way!

  2. oh i'm so happy you got them all loaded! whew! this cookie is SO cute and the options to decorate are endless :)

    1. It was a nightmare, I'm so happy I'm finished with that project and can move on to making creations! You're right the possibilities are endless, was thinking about making a wedding cake next!

  3. Love those cookie cakes!!! I'm so thankful that all of the photos are uploaded again and we can enjoy them!


    1. I'm happy too they are back again, just wish some of them would have been better photos!! :)

  4. Your cookies are always so cute!! Thank you for the amazing tutorials!!

  5. How adorable, I'm not sure which version I love the most. So glad you are finally finished uploading your pictures you must be exhausted.

    1. Thank you Linda, I too am so happy to be finished with uploading photos, it really was exhausting!!

  6. So inventive and creative. You did it again!!!! from,twobeautifulgirls

  7. Oh my goodness Kim..I can not even imagine! A couple of years ago I accidentally deleted about 15 photos from 3 or 4 posts. I totally freaked out! I'm so happy that you were able to get them all back up..and what a beautiful confetti cookie cake you made for celebration. :)

    1. It truly was the worst thing that has ever happened with my blog, I'm so happy that week is behind me! Thank you for the sweet comment!


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