The Partiologist: One Stop Halloween Shop!

One Stop Halloween Shop!

I can't believe two weeks ago I was in flip flops and today I'm turning on the heat.  Yep, it's time to shift gears to Fall and of course Halloween.  It was easy to turn these favors into Tricks and Treats, with the help of Oriental Trading, your One Stop Halloween Shop!

Tricks & Treats!
These Halloween treats are so cute, it's scary.

From top to bottom, the features are~
Spider web sugar cookies topped with a plastic spider.
Plastic coffins filled with cake pop mixture and candy bones.
The rice krispie treats were bagged and decorated with plastic spiders.
Below the RKT were the finger puppet topped pretzels.
I had so much fun creating edible sweets using party goods from Oriental Trading, my shelf wasn't big enough.
Not shown on the shelf were the candy filled tubes I turned into ghosts.

Here's how~
After filling the tubes with Halloween M & M's, I placed a cotton ball on the lid.
Covered the cotton ball with a small coffee filter (4-cup size).
Added a rubber band to hold in place and glued on goggly eyes.
Tied a ribbon around the band.
I filled more tubes with black M & M's and topped with the Dracula finger puppet.
The other finger puppets were a bit smaller, which were perfect to use on the top of  the candy coated pretzels.
After removing the finger puppet topper, they will find a yummy candy coated pretzel.
These are the cute finger puppets used for the top of the pretzels.
Dip a pretzel rod in white chocolate and then drizzle with more white chocolate.
After it has dried, slide into a pretzel bag and use a twist tie to seal.
Cut off the tie and the pretzel bag close to the top.
Slide the finger puppet on.
If you don't have a shelf to display your goodies, the plastic web baskets work perfect!
Here's how~
After making the RKT, add a few Halloween M & M's to the mixture.
Press into 9" x 13" pan and refrigerate until firm.
Cut into bars, slide into bags and tie with ribbon.
Place scotch tape on the back of the spider, curl the legs and stick on the treat.
A spider web basket to hold the spider web cookies.
Cut and bake a dozen spider web shaped cookies.

Outline and flood with white royal icing.

Pipe a dot in the center and to rings.

Use a toothpick and start in the center and pull the toothpick through the frosting to the outside point.

I used plastic spider rings for the top.
Place the cookie in a bag, you can use a twist tie and cut the ends.
Or place the top of the bag through the ring and slide down.
Scary, huh?
What about the Fortune Cookies?
Each cookie dipped and decorated Halloween style.

The fortune cookies come in both orange and black.

Remove the cookies from the package.

Check your fortune...YIKES...I will live a long life with crazy hair!

I think that fortune has already started.

Melt white chocolate for dipping.
Dip the middle of the fortune cookie in the chocolate and let set.
Right before it dries, sprinkle with Halloween sprinkles.
Let set until completely dry before individually packaging.
Next, the plastic coffins~
The possibilities for fillings is endless!
I decided to fill them with cake pop mixture.
Fill the bottom with the cake pop mixture and add candy bones to the top.
Add more cake pop mixture and top with crushed Oreo's for the dirt.
Serve 'em with a spoon.
For my next idea, I used the plastic coffin as a mold.
And made skeleton soap.
Give these to your kids and they will be washing their hands all month long!
Chop off a few pieces of melt and pour soap.
Melt in a microwave safe dish.
Open the little stretchy skeleton and place in the bottom of the coffin.
Cover with the melted soap.
After the soap has set, run a knife around the edge and lift the soap out.
You can trim the end of the soap if it gets knife marks.

What a fun collection of Halloween sweets and...sweet drinks~

The bendable Halloween characters were the perfect compliment to the orange spiked drinks.
Just bend an arm and leg around the stem of any glass and fill with your favorite beverage.

With little imagination, Oriental Trading has EVERYTHING you need for Halloween!
Plus, you can enter this Spooktacular Giveaway from Oriental Trading!

And be sure to check out the Oriental Trading Halloween Headquarters - HERE
“This review is based strictly on my opinion.  I was provided the above party supplies free of charge by Oriental Trading to review and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.”


  1. You can even turn cheap toys into amazingly fun decorations for your treats. Everything looks so cool. I especially love the spiders hugging the rice krispie treats.They are perfect.

    1. Getting to play and eat your treat, so fun, right? Thanks Beth!

  2. Oh my many cute ideas!!!! I particularly loved the spider cookies with the ring on top....simple design but SO genius! And also the bendy Halloween guys for adult beverages. Will have to get those for our annual trick or treat neighborhood crawl! Thanks for sharing, Kim!!!

    1. Thank you Christine, I agree, I loved the way the spider web cookies with the spider attached turned out, plus they were so simple!!

  3. Really love your cute ideas! Pinning!

  4. Oh my goodness, each and every one of these ideas is absolutely adorable and some are so easy, even I could do them! Thanks for sharing. Cindi

    1. I love when cute ideas are easy ideas. Thanks for the comment Cindi!

  5. well Kim, that sure was fun, visiting the Partiologist Perfect Party Planner's Partlycious Phantastic Parlour! whew! can't pigure out, i mean figure out, what i love best!?! :>O

  6. Every idea was wonderful....I need to place an order with Oriental Trading and I wish they could ship you along with the package!

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Ha, they would need a very big box for that! Doesn't Oriental Trading have the best stuff??

  7. Such great ideas!!! Oriental Trading has to be SO pleased with all you have done with their supplies!!! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Thank you Maxi, I had a great time using all the goodies!


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