The Partiologist: Spider Web Brownie!

Spider Web Brownie!

I should start by saying I don't like spiders, not even a little.  However, for some odd reason they're creeping up all over my blog.  Today they might be a good as they're going to get.  Because they're sitting on top of a beautiful edible cake lace spider web which is sitting on top of a brownie.  What could be better than that?
Spider Web Brownie

Remember when I told you I would somehow figure out how to make cake lace?  Think back to the MUMMY CAKE?  EEEK!  I'm so excited, it worked!
I'm pretty sure I am going to be putting cake lace on top of everything.  Please forgive me.

It sort of happened when I least expected it.  I was wondering around Hobby Lobby, walked down the cake/cookie decorating isle, as I always do and wait a minute. 

Did I just see a small container labeled cake lace?  Why yes I did and there was only one, one just for me.  I quietly placed it in my shopping cart, not to jinx myself by getting too excited.
Once I got home, I took the container out of the shopping bag, opened it and began reading the directions.  Hmmm, this sounds too easy.  I closed it up.  Left it set on the counter for a couple of days until I got up the courage to try again.
Then I did what I always do...follow the directions.  Unless the directions are too long. 

These were simple directions which could keep my attention.  How hard could it be, it says to add water and mix.  So that's just what I did.

After following the directions and mixing the cake lace, I got the web mat that has been sitting in the cupboard for over a year, waiting to be used.

It really worked better than I imagined.

I spread the cake lace over the mat and then removed any excess.

Let it dry for several hours.

Removed the web by turning the mat over and peeling the mat away from the web.

Once it was removed, it remained flexible!

Then I cut the web out of the square edge and set aside.

Next I made the round brownies, using a Fudge brownie mix (used the cake like brownie recipe on the back) and five 6" Wilton cake pans.

Wash and dry the pans.  Spray with Baker's Joy or other baking spray.

Divide the batter between the five pans and bake until done.

Remove from pan and cool.

Mix up a batch of chocolate ganache, (recipe below).

Place a piece of parchment paper below a cooling rack.

Place the cooled brownies on the rack.

Pour the chocolate ganache over the brownie until it is completely covered.

Let the excess ganache drip off the brownie onto the parchment paper below.

With a spatula remove the brownie from the wire rack and let the ganache set.

I'll save you the trouble by telling you I found the orange plastic spider rings at Party City after looking everywhere and only finding black. 

I just didn't think black would show up on the cakes very well and the orange was perfect.

Place each of the ganache brownies on the top of a 6" cake board.

Place the web on the top.

Insert a knife into the brownie, making a slit where you will insert the spider ring.

Chocolate Ganache

by The Partiologist

9 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
Place chocolate in a medium mixing bowl.
Heat the cream in a small saucepan, until bubbles begin to appear around edges.
Remove from heat and pour the cream over the chocolate.
Let stand 5 minutes, then stir until completely smooth.
Once it cooled but still pourable, pour over the brownies.
Top with web and spider.

As far as webs can't top this!  (Spoken like MC Hammer)




  2. Did you only do one layer of the cake lace? I use Sugar Dress and Claire Bowman's Cake Lace, but have to do two layers to get my lace thick enough. Maybe this web mat is deeper and picks up more of the product? I have been hearing about the Hobby Lobby mix, so it is nice to see it in action! Who made your web mat? I would love to save one for a year until next Halloween!

    1. Yes, I only did one layer of the cake lace. It might be that your mat is deeper as some of my other mats are much deeper. I have a link for the web mat at the bottom of the post.

  3. Wow, those spider webs are so perfect and it looks like it was so easy to make them. Your brownies look incredible. I have to go get some of that cake lace and give it a try. There are so many amazing possibilities.

    1. Thanks Beth, I know, I'm in love with this stuff and have lace all over my kitchen!! :)

  4. Wow, this is fantastic, I will have to check it out at our Hobby Lobby! Cindi

    1. Oh you must, their cake lace mix is so easy to work with!

  5. well that web is better looking than the real web i have on my front porch because i'm such a lousy housekeeper lol i wouldn't mind having those chocolate spider webs all over my house that i'd even invite MC Hammer! guess who's going to Hobby Lobby this weekend so it looks like we jinxed each other about buying more stuff :>O. ;)

    1. Any web or spider found this time of year is considered boo-tiful decorations...And I knew you would enjoy my MC Hammer humor! LOL

  6. Did you trace the web from the mat? love it!

    1. The web is made from the cake lace mix, which I spread into the web mat with an off set spatula. After the cake lace dried in mat (in the shape of the web) I peeled it from the mat. I sure hope this helps!! :)

  7. KIM!! I love this spider web brownie! It is the neatest brownie I have ever seen!!


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