The Partiologist: Wild Eats and Adorable Treats + Giveaway!

Wild Eats and Adorable Treats + Giveaway!

Today I'm sharing with you the adorable work by Jill Mills of Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.  I'm pretty sure you have seen some of her WILD and ADORABLE creations online...and now they're all in her new book, Wild Eats and Adorable Treats.

In her book you'll find a great selection of both healthy and sweet, animal inspired meals and snacks.  Along with the edible creations, several animal facts are also included.
Wild Eats and Adorable Treats 

One look at the front cover and you know you're going to love it, right?
Any and everything imaginable is covered.  Take a look at this~
Is that not the cutest idea ever???  Hippo tato Soup?  I LOVE it!
And then there's this one~
Cuteness overload.
And these little "Beary" cute cupcakes are just that...BEARY cute!

Can you even imagine how fun these would be to serve, let alone eat??

And then there's the walrus waffle, so creative!

This is just a little sampling of what's inside.  I love her creative style and how much fun she has in the kitchen with her three sons.  I've had the pleasure of meeting Jill and she is just as sweet and adorable as each of her creations.
With the launch of her new book, Jill has a Wild Eats and Adorable Treats Giveaway featuring products she used in the book.
THREE different winners for THREE fantastic prizes!
Wilton Prize Pack...
9x13 Cake Pan (with lid)
12 Cup Muffin Pan
6 Cup Jumbo Muffin Pan
24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan
Icing Tip Set
Icing Bags
Cupcake Liners
Loads of Sprinkles
Core Kitchen Prize...
Large Dual Grip Cutting Board
Paring & Utility Knives with Sheaths  (set of 2)

Curious Chef Prize...
30 Piece Caddy Collection...everything your kids will need to cook with on their own!
Enter in the rafflecopter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations on your new book Jill, I know it will be a huge success!


  1. I just love how adorable she has made the healthy snacks - any kid would LOVE these ideas! Cindi

  2. love the book! God bless with it. It makes feeding the families healthier treats and the kids enjoying them.

  3. What a great book and giveaway! I can't wait to get my hands on the book to see all the creative beautiful things inside! Good luck to everyone!!

  4. I have to have this book! We are doing woodland creatures for my granddaughter's second birthday and have been stumped on the menu. Perfect!

  5. My grandson has started baking with me -- such wonderful memories we are creating!

  6. My kids like to have "faces" for lunch. Usually a round piece of lunch meat for the base or "head" and then cheese for hair, pickle mouth etc. But wow, she blows it out of the water with her food creativity! Love it!

  7. these ideas are so fun even for adults! I would love to try these out with my niece when she stays over!

  8. I love baking any kind of sweets with my daughter and my son and I cook dinner together all the time.

  9. I love doing kids in the kitchen with my 4-H kids....livivua


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