The Partiologist: 50 Yard Line Brownies!

50 Yard Line Brownies!

EEK!  It's Friday and almost time for another day of football.  I've been wanting to make these brownies since before the first kick off of the season.  Looks like I've waited until the two minute warning, but I think I pulled it off.
Do you notice anything different about these 50 Yard Lines?  Take a closer look.
50 Yard Line Brownies
You guessed it, the 50 is in gold. 
But do you know why?

Because it's the 50th Super Bowl!
Yea, I know things.
Only because I read it on the internet at the beginning of football season.
If you have watched any of the games this season, every football field had a gold 50 yard line.
Who says my blog isn't full of information?
Anyway, I was sure to point it out to my family who would have never noticed if it were not for me.
They might have watched the entire season of football without noticing.
But they have me, so that didn't happen.
How about we make a few together?
It will be the easiest decorated brownie you'll make.
First of all, I made the numbers out of fondant.
You know how I feel about writing the number 5.
If you have better handwriting than I, which I'm pretty sure you do, you can pipe the numbers right on the brownie.
Next I needed the white line between the numbers.
I used my #2 strip cutter and cut a few white strips out of fondant.
After you bake or buy your brownies, cut in rectangles.
Begin piping the stadium turf on the brownie using the Wilton grass tip and buttercream frosting.
Make the grass short, close to the brownie.
As soon as the grass covers the brownie, lay down the white line.
Then add the 50.
Serve them to your family and see if anyone notices the golden 50.
Go Team!
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  1. LOL! I totally didn't notice the gold yard line numbers on the field and when I looked at the brownies I had to study them before noticing anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for sharing your world of knowledge with me. :)

  2. dang girl these brownies would make anyone love football! and as a "hater" of football, ok, as a non-football fan i should say, i think these are pure gold! :)

    1. Maybe these brownies will turn you into a football fan after all! :)

  3. Cool-o-rama, I'm only one year older than the SuperBowl!! And what an awesome brownie to celebrate with. They are soo cute! :)

    1. Aww, you're just a young thing, thanks for the comment!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Michelle, I was happy with the 50's too! :)


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