The Partiologist: Golden Birthday Party!

Golden Birthday Party!

Have you heard of a Golden Birthday?  Well, up until the last few years, I had never heard of it and I have to tell you, I missed my Golden Birthday.  Actually I have a better chance of celebrating my Golden Years than my Golden Birthday!
Anyway, everyone has a GOLDEN Birthday, my golden birthday would have been when I turned fifteen on the fifteenth.  However, this party was GOLDEN for Natalie, the sweet birthday girl celebrating her ninth birthday on the ninth of January.  What fun, right?
Natalie's Golden Birthday!
The entire party was so adorable, I can't wait to show you!
It was a cookie decorating party, where I taught 10 girls and 1 boy how to decorate cookies.
Her mom, Beth did such an amazing job decorating and incorporating the gold with the bright pink.
And the best part?  Beth baked the cookies and made the's a cookie decorator's dream.
All I had to do was show up to teach.
Before I even entered the home, I knew a Golden Birthday was about to happen.
A golden N and polka dots greeted the guests.
Upon entering the kitchen, I found the cookie decorating table.

The party guests were so excited to see what was waiting for them!
Each little pastry chef had a hat and apron of their own.
But did I mention, the aprons were personalized with gold stitching?
The window was decked out with more gold polka dots and a gold Happy Birthday banner.
Hanging from the chandelier were beautiful ribbons.
Which matched the table runner made from wrapping paper.
To decorate the cookies, everyone needed sprinkles.

And cookies I made before the party to show how to decorate.

Candles, balloon, birthday gift and party hat.
With all the work of decorating cookies, everyone was thirsty.   A bright pink and gold beverage dispenser held a strawberry punch.
Now that the cookies were decorated, it was time for lunch.
I'm pretty sure all the guests felt golden when they entered the dining room to have lunch.
I loved the table and all the pink and gold d├ęcor, don't you?
With gold wrapping paper as the table cloth and bright pink cardstock as the placemats, the entire table sparkled!
One of my favorite attractions of the dining room was the coffered ceiling holding the golden balloons.
And the centerpiece of the table was golden and pink.
The plates were striped with matching napkins wrapped around gold cutlery.  The napkin ring consisted of pink paper and a polka dot nine.
The beverage glasses were mason jars with a gold striped straw and gold ribbon.
It was hard for the guests to stay out of the candy buffet before lunch.
After lunch, each guest was able to fill their bag with candy to take home.
Framed printables were propped on the shelf above the buffet.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your Golden Birthday, I had a sparkling good time!
Happy GOLDEN Birthday Natalie!


  1. Just great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, tell Beth, she did an amazing job decorating for her daughter's special birthday celebration. I can only imagine the fun the girls had decorating their cookies with you!

    1. I will be sure to tell her, we all had a great time!

  3. Kim, Thank you so much for posting Natalie's Golden Birthday celebration on your blog, I am so honored!!! I am even more honored and blessed that you are such an amazing friend and that I have the best cookie decorator in the country to call my friend!! Your talent is untouchable, the kids had a wonderful time and you made one little GOLDEN GIRLS feel EXTRA SPECIAL!! You are the best my friend!! xo, Beth

    1. You are too sweet, I am the one who has an amazing talented friend! I am so happy to have been a party of Natalie's Golden Birthday!

  4. oh this party is so pretty with all its pink and gold sparkle! i only remember my 9th birthday as...wait i don't remember my 9th bday but i am sure Natalie certainly will because of you and her mom! :)

    1. Ha ha, I don't remember my 9th birthday either, but I'm sure Natalie will! :)

  5. Wow, that is one amazing birthday party! And I thought I went all out for birthday parties! This is truly one of the cutest parties I've ever seen! EVERYTHING...IT WAS AMAZING!!! I'm going to forward this to my daughter for some future ideas for her girls!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It truly was an amazing party!! Thanks for he comment!

  6. Oh yes...I commented once, but I forgot to say how I loved the frames and how that fit so beautifully. I AM DEFININTE GOING TO BE DOING THAT AT MY HOUSE. NOW I HAVE TO SHOP FOR A SHELF! I have the frames already!
    Great Ideas!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    1. Oh yes, those shelf worked perfectly with the frames, looked adorable!


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