The Partiologist: Snowmen Dress Up Cookies!

Snowmen Dress Up Cookies!

Do you want to build a snowman?  Me, not so much, but I would like to build a snowman dress up cookie.  I made the mistake of going out to buy groceries, only I went to Michaels instead.  By the time I was finished digging through the sales, I was too tired to go the grocery store.  Lucky for me, I found cookie cutters on sale, complete with accessories. 

I made cookies instead of dinner.  It happens a lot.
Snowmen Dress Up Cookies!

So many possibilities!

Who knew men could have so many accessories?
And I gave him a heart.
Let's get started~

These are the cute cutters I found. 
The top 3D Build A Cookie, I found at Wal-Mart.
The bottom gingerbread man with accessories, I found at Michaels.
Thank heavens we needed groceries or I would have never gone out!
Even if I never ended up getting the groceries, I ended up with really cute cutters, right?
The cutter was the perfect size for the snowman.
He was very well rounded... LOL
Roll and emboss colored fondant with the Makin's impression mat.
Cut with the small accessory cutters.
Using a toothpick, I made a few more indentations on the scarf, necktie and bowtie.
Then I made the magic hat.
All snowmen have a magic hat, right?
Finished up with several pieces to play with.
I made the red cap, directions HERE.
Are you ready to accessorize?
What fun I had any child could have!

Package up the snowman along with all the fondant accessories.  (Be sure to let the fondant pieces dry overnight or until they are completely dry)
And add the snowman tag HERE.
I'd melt for you!
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  1. These are just adorable. I LOVE the colors you used!!! These would be perfect for a kids birthday party craft!!! Love the idea. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thank you! Even though it's still cold and snowing, the bright colors make me happy and warm! :)

  2. oh goodness those cutters were made just for YOU Kim! who cares about boring groceries anyway? lol ;)

  3. Now those are my kind of snowmen! So cute.

  4. These are adorable! I wish I could find the cutters now, but I was out of state for 10 days and Christmas clearance is cleaned out! :(

    1. I was quite surprised I found them, I went out long after the sales started! Next year??

  5. Oh my goodness...these are so wonderful! It makes me happy just looking at them!!!

    Annette :)

    1. It makes me HAPPY that you were HAPPY just looking at them! :)

  6. These are adorable. Can you tell me the name of the wilton cutter, I am trying to find it on ebay. I found the walmart one, but not the wilton one.

    1. Thank you so much! I do have a link above for both cutters from Amazon above the comments. The Gingerbread cutter is not by Wilton, it's the Michaels brand Celebrate It. I hope this helps! :)

    2. Thanks so much for your reply, I didn't even see that link, sorry about that. Did you let the fondant pieces dry completely before you packaged them?

    3. Yes, I did let them dry completely! (I'll have to add that above) :)


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