The Partiologist: Along Came a Spider...

Along Came a Spider...

I'll be the first to admit I hate spiders, but for some reason, I kind of like these cookies.  Maybe if real life spiders were bright colored I might like them, umm, probably not. 
Remember when I wasn't going to buy any more stuff for Halloween?  Well, it was only a dollar, so I don't think this really counts.  And it wasn't my fault.  I had to stop at the post office and right next door was the Dollar Store.  I mean, I didn't plan where the Dollar Store would be, right?
Anyway, I stopped in and found the little foam shaped spiders.  They were hanging there, in plain site, I had to buy them because I had a plan.
Cute Spider Cookies
I told you they were bright not to mention cute!
And remember the royal icing dots?
If not, check them out HERE.
They were perfect for the eyes!
And they were part of my plan.
After I had made piles of royal icing dots,  I turned them into eyes.
Just pipe a center with black royal icing and let dry.
This is the little package of foam spiders.
I needed to find the perfect size cookie cutter for the body of my spider.
One of my oval cutters worked perfectly.
So I baked a dozen oval cookies.
Then I mixed six colors of frosting.  Yikes!  SIX colors.
Maybe you want all the spiders to be the same color, just to make your life easier?
Add the Wilton grass tip to the piping bag and begin piping frosting until the cookie is covered in fur.  Spider fur.
Then add two royal icing eyes.
Add the cookie to the top of the foam spider.
I added a bit of frosting to the foam and placed the cookie on the top, so it would stick.

Bright colored spiders...

When just plain spiders won't due.


  1. Absolutely the cutest spiders I've seen! Cindi

  2. Kim these might be my favorite Halloween cookies of the season!!!! So simple but so cute! LOVE!

    1. Don't you love when cute and simple are in the same sentence?? :)

  3. well aren't you clever? i love it when things are used for other things to make the new thing an absolute wonderful thing! lol bravo again Kim! :)

    1. You're making me smile, calling me clever and all! Thanks!

  4. Those spiders are so Cute !!! Going to stop at the dollars store on my way home from work to get those spiders. They are the cuttest thing I've
    seen in Halloween this year.

  5. Those little spider cookies are super cute!!! If I had seen the package of black spiders at the dollar store...I would have thought "why would anyone buy those???" Now I have to get to the Dollar Store!!! Thanks to you for another super fun (not to mention cute) idea!!! Annette

  6. Your little spider cookies are soo cute..did I just call a creepy spider cute?!! Haha..yours aren't creepy at all! I LOVE the "fur"! :)

    1. Creepy and cute in the same sentence is always unusual!

  7. If spiders did look like these cookies, I would have to love them! OMG, these are the cutest spider cookies ever.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm happy you love my little spiders!


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