The Partiologist: Spider Lollipop!

Spider Lollipop!

Something is telling me you haven't made your spider lollipop yet.  After today, you'll have no reason not to.  Even if you don't like spiders, you'll like this.

White Chocolate Spider Lollipop
Now do you know why you need to make spider lollipops?  When I can come up with something easy to make without a gazillion tools, I knew you'd love it too.

Just in case you're ready to spin your own web.

Start with a round candy/lollipop mold.

Melt black candy melts and pour into a bottle, then add a #3 decorating tip.

Pipe three black circles in the bottom of the candy mold.

Drag a toothpick through the circles making a web.  Let the web dry completely.

Add the lollipop stick and pour the melted white candy melts over the black web, filling the mold.

Let harden in the refrigerator, then remove the candy from the mold, insert into candy bag.

Tie a ribbon around the bottom of the bag and add plastic spider ring and tie in bow.



  1. Those turned out adorable and look pretty easy to make. Thanks for the great idea. from,twobeautifulgirls.

    1. They were SO simple to make and turned out pretty cute too! Thank you!


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