The Partiologist: Rudolf Pretzel Sticks!

Rudolf Pretzel Sticks!

Want to make Christmas Treats with the kids?  In fact, you could just let the kids make them, they're that easy.  What am I talking about?

Rudolf  Pretzel Sticks!

I'll admit, when I thought of making these little Rudolf  pretzel sticks, it never occurred to me not everyone would understand what they were. 

In fact, I almost decided to scrap the project and eat all the pretzels and no one would ever know.  But I liked them and thought of how you could turn them into a game.  Like, have everyone guess what they are?  Can you guess?

Oops, it looks like I gave it away before having you guess.
I didn't want to feel the pain when no one would know.  I mean, what else could they be?
And then there's the fact that I made a video.

So I had to share them.

All you do is melt chocolate candy melts in a jar, dip the pretzels and before they're completely dry, add a red candy Sixlet for the nose.  And you're done.

Rudolf with your nose so bright!


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