The Partiologist: Mickey Mousse!

Mickey Mousse!

Every time I host a Disney Themed Party for someone in my family, I want to come up with one very magical dessert.  After hosting so many parties, I needed to put on my imaginEARS!  Several ideas came to mind and I finally decided on Mickey Mousse.  Not Mouse...Mousse.

Mickey Mousse!

In homemade chocolate Mickey cups.

I can't even tell you how much fun they were...Wait, yes I can.

At first thought, I didn't know if it would work.  When something doesn't work, it doesn't mean I stop trying.

I try harder!  You know, try, try again?

Anyway, it worked and now I'll show you how!

The first thing you need to do is make the black fondant mouse ears and let dry...for days.

Use a 1 1/2" inch round cutter and cut several circles out of black fondant.

Next it's time to make the chocolate cups using red candy melts.

Using a 3" ball chocolate mold, paint the inside with the red candy melts.

Let harden and repeat, giving it a second coal of red candy melts.

Just in case the top of the cup isn't smooth, I figured a way to make it even!

Take a flat cookie sheet and place in oven.  Once the cookie sheet it hot, remove it from the oven and place on counter.

Turn one of the chocolate cups upside down on a piece of wax paper and slide the cup across the hot cookie sheet.  Very quickly as you will see the top start to melt.

Now it's time to make the buttons with yellow fondant and an oval cutter.

Stick the yellow buttons on the red cup using a little water on the back of the fondant.

Put a little dot of melted chocolate on wax paper and set the cup to dry.

Making a little stand for the cups.

Now it's time to put it all together.

Spoon 1 1/2 tablespoons of pretzel mixture into the bottom of the cup.

Using a cookie scoop, scoop the chocolate mousse into the cup and immediately top with the black fondant mouse ears and it's ready to be served.

Or frozen to be served later.

While making this, I realized chocolate ice cream would also work perfectly!

It's a Magical Mousse...Recipe Coming Soon!

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  1. This is one of the BEST Mickey Mouse desserts you've ever made. What a great treat to serve at a Disney party. You are so incredibly creative!!!!

    1. You are so sweet, it truly was one of my favorite Disney themed desserts! Thank you!


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