The Partiologist: Disney Party Treats!

Disney Party Treats!

Would you like to take a look how I turned Oreo's, Pretzels, Licorice, Marshmallows and more into Disney themed sweets? Today's the close up. They were at hit with my sister and her family for sure.

Disney Party Treats!

Starting with Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cookies.

 All packaged up and ready to travel.

Another favorite and easy to travel were the chocolate covered mini pretzels, topped with Mickey Mouse candy.

Like I said, anything can be Disney if you add a sticker.

Or add Mouse Ears to store bought salted caramels.

Of course the chocolate Mickey and Minnie cookies are another favorite.

Remember the Rice Krispie Treats?

After they were placed in the Mickey muffin cups I made, the Fresh Raspberry Muffins were ready to eat.

The chocolate marshmallows were quite easy to make.

Here's a self explanatory photo tutorial.

Any questions?

An Oreo Tutorial.

 Double dipped and ready to go.

We quickly wrapped the cake pops and they were ready for travel.

I am so excited to show you the last dessert, it involves chocolate and Mickey.  Stay tuned.

So what do you think of the dessert table, can you pick a favorite?  

It's a Party fit for a MOUSE King.

Disney Themed Supplies HERE


  1. oh geeze! forget disney world-they got nothing on your treats! :>O

    1. Thanks Lisa, I've got all the treats, however I'm lacking in rides! ;)

  2. You should be hired as their personal treat designer at Disney World. Your ideas are amazing and endless. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Aww, thanks! I don't know if they're all amazing, but my ideas are definitely endless! LOL ;)


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