The Partiologist: Teepee Rice Krispie Treats!

Teepee Rice Krispie Treats!

You know it, the party wouldn't be complete without Rice Krispie Treats...this time Bohemian Themed Rice Krispie Treats.  But what would I make?  Teepee Rice Krispie Treats of course, with a step by step tutorial.

Teepee Rice Krispie Treats!

You see what I did here, right?

Rice Krispie Treats formed into teepees.

All set, ready to go.

Here's how I made them.

Started by pressing the RKT mixture into a greased Christmas tree mold.

Removed it from the mold and cut the bottom off, making it straight.

Next, I rolled fondant and cut with the same cutter and trimmed the end and top.

Let it dry a bit and then air brushed it, using gold airbrush and an arrow stencil.

On top of the arrow pattern, I airbrushed a chevron and lines.

Next, I let the fondant topper dry overnight.

For the top of the teepee, I formed roses out of fondant and painted part of them gold with edible gold paint.

I also made feather (leaves) with cake lace and painted the ends with gold.

When I was ready to assemble, I took the RKT and piped a bit of royal icing on each side and attached a toothpick.

Added more icing, this time buttercream and placed the fondant topper on.

Piped a dot of royal icing on the top of the teepee and added the cake lace feather and fondant rose.

So much fun to serve!

Come to my Tribe!


  1. These are probably one of the most unique desserts I have ever seen. Everything about them is so creative. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I loved creating them and the girls loved them too!

  2. You have so many cool tools! Some day I'm coming to your house to play in your kitchen. :)

  3. These are, oh so adorable and sweet little teepees! Those gold feathers!!

    1. Thank you! I was so happy with the way they turned out!


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