The Partiologist: Easy Sparkle Stars!

Easy Sparkle Stars!

Today is what I like to call a Happy Mistake.  You know when things don't go as planned and then you figure out a new plan that is better?  My original plan was to make edible lace, only this time when I went to buy the mix, it had been replaced with a new type of lace product.  When it didn't work the way I intended, I immediately thought of how I could get it to work in a completely new way.

Sparkle Star Cookies!

When I say easy, I usually mean sort of easy.  But today I REALLY mean easy.

All you need are the cookies, icing and the special sparkle.

Take a look at the sparkle!

I can't wait to add this sparkle to my Christmas Cookies! want to find out how, right?

Bake up any size star cookie you want.  

Then outline and flood...any way you want.

Let dry overnight.

Here's the magic sparkle.

It's the mystery product which is used to make edible lace.

Cake Craft white lace, found at Hobby Lobby.

Only I used it to make my cookies sparkle.

Just open the container and paint on a layer, thick or thin across your cookie.

Let dry and watch it sparkle.

Just in time for the Fourth of July!


  1. Do you think this would work with other cake lace products? I have never used this brand, so I don’t know if it is unique.

    1. No this is a product made by Cake Kraft which has a pearl dust in the mix. The Cake Lace products have a mat finish, but work great for making cake lace.

  2. How cool! Don't you just love it when you happen upon something great?

    1. I know! I have so many other ideas I want to make shine!

  3. These turned out so pretty. Isn't it nice when a mistake turns into something great! Thank you for sharing at Happiness is Homemade.


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