The Partiologist: Lipstick Cookies!

Lipstick Cookies!

Have you found your perfect shade of lipstick and then you find it making your lips dry?  With these cookies, you'll never have to worry about dry lips!  In fact, they can be made in any shade and you'll be smacking your lips in a good way!

Lipstick Cookies

Now that we're done applying our makeup, let's make cookies! 

Lipstick cookies!

They come in all shades, but red is my favorite.

Start by baking small lipstick shaped cookies.

Flood the middle with gold colored icing.

Spray the middle with gold air brush color.

Next, flood the bottom with black and the top with red.  Or whatever color lipstick you choose!

What's your Color?


  1. Do you realize that National Lipstick Day is Monday the 29th? I'm doing a roundup and I'm planning to link to your lipstick cookie post. They are so cute.
    Also, I consider myself a lipstick junkie but I've never heard of the Beauty Counter brand. I'll check it out!

    1. I had no idea National Lipstick Day was the 29th, so this is great timing! And thanks for adding my lipstick cookies to your roundup!

  2. Darling!!! So much fun...

    1. Thank you, they were fun and just think of all the colors you could make!

  3. These are just adorable. from,twobeautifulgirls


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