The Partiologist: Pac Man Oreo's!

Pac Man Oreo's!

If you haven't found the Pac Man game you want to make and eat, today could be your day.  It's the latest Pac Man themed treat for the 80's themed party.  You were waiting for these, weren't you?

Pac Man Themed Oreo's

Or are you saying to yourself, gag me with a spoon?  (Remember that 80's lingo?)

Just another way to play the favorite 80's game.

Or just group them together and eat!

Pretty simple to make, just in case you're wondering.

Decided to use both regular size Oreo's and also Mini Oreo's

Because I have both size cookie molds!

Melt black candy melts and fill the cavities with the chocolate and insert an Oreo.

Cover and chill until firm.

Remove from mold.

Next I cut the Pac Man shape using a round and diamond cookie cutter.

I cut the ghost using a tulip cutter and turned it upside down.

I also cut small round circles to add to the smaller Oreo's.

Lay them out for the game to begin.

Game Over!


  1. I can't decide with PacMan treats I like best! They are all so much fun.

    1. I know, I can't decide either, so let's go with one of each! :)


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