The Partiologist: Pac Man Rice Krispie Treats!

Pac Man Rice Krispie Treats!

When treats are traveling to their party destination during the summer months, I always worry about them melting.  You know, the chocolate lollipop Pac Man?  Probably need a cooler for those.  I wanted to make something that could make the trip without worry of melting.  You know what it is, right?  Rice Krispie Treats.

Pac Man Rice Krispie Treats!

With a bit of an imagination, you've got yourself a Pac Man Rice Krispie Treat.

I dug around my cookie cutters trying to find something that would work to make the game.

Kind of looks like the game, right?

And no need to worry about it melting.

The toppers are made from fondant.  Here's how.

Make the RKT, recipe HERE.

Cut into small bite sized squares.

For Pac Man I used a round cutter and a diamond to cut the mouth.

The ghosts were made from a mini tulip cutter, turned upside down.

Then I added small round white fondant dots to complete the game.

Ready to play?


  1. How cute. Seeing these treats as the whole game is so much fun!

  2. GREAT IDEA! Especially using the tulip cutter to make the ghosts! I would never have thought of it!! SO CUTE AND SIMPLE!

    1. I tried several things and then the tulip cutter came to mind and worked perfectly! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. These are so much fun! My teenage years included weekends spent at the arcade playing the "lifesize" Pacman! Your treats make me wanna play again! :)


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