The Partiologist: Bridal Shower Dessert Display!

Bridal Shower Dessert Display!

If you're looking for inspiration for your next celebration, look no further.  I've got more than one display serving over 20 desserts.  Yes, I said over 20.  Let me start by showing you the island, I filled one side with desserts and the other with food.  Because when you invite your guests for brunch, there should be food.

Bridal Shower Dessert Display!

Simple and elegant, filled with tempting desserts!  As always, I set the entire kitchen with all the platters and d├ęcor at least a month ahead of time, then record it on paper.  I number all the trays and coordinate each tray with the desserts.

There is a method to my madness.

I'll let you take a close up, first of the cookies.  You know, the ones that took forever to arrange on the platter.  I know, it's shouldn't be that hard.

See each one HERE.

Next are a few desserts that don't have their own blog post. I just forgot to photograph while in the process of making the desserts.

Mostly because it was a complete disaster while making the homemade blueberry scones and lemon curd.  I am NOT a scone maker.  I keep trying.

Then there was the last minute white rose cupcakes.  Yep, no photos of the process.  And those lace wrappers?  A delicate mess.

You do remember the Lace Wrapped Brownies?

See how to make them HERE.

And a little close up of the Diamond Cake Pops on display.

See more of the Diamond Cake Pops HERE.

Needed another bite sized treat.  Almond coated Chocolate Truffles.

After making the Truffles which I knew would turn out, I decided once again to try making macarons. French Macarons.  Just let me say, I'm not French.  

Not perfect, but they were a bite of happiness.  Filled with chocolate and topped with more chocolate

Another view of the Kitchen Island.

Please notice the flower centerpiece.  I went in my backyard and found the flowers, having no clue what they were, but they looked perfect for the centerpiece.  The day of the shower I found out they are called Bridal Veil.  I mean, I really wish I could say I planned it.

You might be surprised when I tell you I have another table filled with sweet treats?  Or maybe you're not surprised at all.  It's me, right?


  1. I wouldn't be surprised at all. I can't wait to see table #2. Everything on this table looks amazing.

    1. You know me well! You'll be seeing all the sweet treats from table #2 soon!

  2. This is quite the party, can't even imagine! Beautiful! Kathi

  3. Absolutely Beautiful...That's all I can say!!! I don't even know how to describe it!


  4. I love how everything just flows perfectly together. The cleanness of all the white just makes it look so pure and bridal. Even though you said they were a last thought I LOVE the beautiful rose tip cupcakes!! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. I truly loved the white lace too, thank you! And, I will have to make more of the rose topped cupcakes and take my time!


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