The Partiologist: Chocolate Dipped, Diamond Topped Marshmallows!

Chocolate Dipped, Diamond Topped Marshmallows!

Did you read the title of my post?  That's a mouthful, just like the marshmallows.  Some of the easiest sweets are some of my favorites.  Staring at the marshmallows for a long time, trying to decide if I should use regular, jumbo or even the stackers.  Seriously, I thought my husband was going to hit me over the head with a bag just so I would make a decision and buy them.  Note to self...don't take hubby to the store when you need to buy marshmallows.

Diamond Marshmallows!

These marshmallows were showcased on another dessert buffet table.  Yes, there is a complete table filled with more sweets.

Did I mention the entire marshmallow is edible.

Even the diamond attached to the front of each marshmallow pop.

Because they are made from wafer paper.

And applied with a swirl of royal icing to hold them to the marshmallow.

After I dipped the marshmallows in chocolate, I drizzled more chocolate.

You can NEVER have too much chocolate, right?

And to make them dazzle even more, I added a diamond gemstone to the top of the straw with hot glue.

And yes, I used a punch to punch the diamond from the wafer paper.  The punch is just a paper punch, not meant for food, however I like to live on the edge.

The diamond can also be removed before eating.

Diamond Cookies and Marshmallows are a girls best friend!


  1. holy cow i never thought to use a paper punch for food! you are way above genius and these marshmallows are to dia(mond) for! 😉😍

    1. Thank you!! Who knew paper punches could be used in so many ways? LOL

  2. Hi Kim! First time here - met your beautiful daughter Amber when staying in Fort Collins this week! I gave her my card as I blog also - and she shared your's with me.
    Wow, what wonderful sweet creations you make - I'll be back to view more. Just arrived home in NC - hot, humid and unpacking! Fort Collins was such a great town and Amber was so very sweet to chat with about travel etc. Please tell her Mary & Bob Sullivan send her their best wishes.
    Mary -

    1. Aww, so happy you stopped by my blog! And I have to agree, Amber is pretty sweet, in fact I am truly blessed with two of the best daughters ever! Can't wait to stop by your blog! :)

  3. These desserts are so impressive! Who knew an ordinary marshmallow could be turned into something so amazing!

    1. I love chocolate covered marshmallows and knew I had to incorporate them in the Bridal Shower! Thank you Beth!


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