The Partiologist: Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies!

Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies!

Something I make for every party is sugar cookies.  It's a given.  Because I couldn't decide, I made three, designs that is.  I loved them all and there were plenty for each guest to take one (or two) home.  Of all the shower desserts, I think I loved the cookies the best.

Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies!

It was finally time to get them displayed on the platter.  I think that took me longer than actually making the cookies.  Seriously, I rearranged them over and over.

Soon I'll show you the display.  Not the cookie platter, the entire dessert buffet.

But for now take a look at the cookies!

I loved the Diamonds, the simplicity and the sparkle.

I've never picked a bouquet I've loved more.

I do enjoy gathering flowers for my cookies.

The beautiful rose background with the S monogram were so pretty, don't you think?  The design was inspired by the talented work of Julie Moore from Shop the Whisk.

Making a little swirl for the roses was quite simple.

But the sweet, simple diamonds were my favorite.

Diamond Cookies are a Girls Best Friend!


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