The Partiologist: Maple Leaf Cakes!

Maple Leaf Cakes!

I always can rely on Martha when I need a special recipe for a special party.  She has this amazing Maple Cake Recipe that I thought I would use for my mini Maple Cakes!

Mini Maple Leaf Cakes

Maple Cake Recipe
 I have also been really anxious to try out my little mini maple cake pan~
Since I didn't use the frosting, I sprinkled with some raw sugar.
Which resulted in these little treats~
After baking all the maple cakes, I tied each one in a little bag like this~
And displayed them in a wicker cornucopia (thank heavens for spell check)~
So, that's it for today my party people!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - I will be out of the "Party Lab" until the 5th of October!  And you know what they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder!!  So I'll expect alot of love when I return!

Happy Fallidays!


  1. Thank you for this post. I have a mini bundt pan that I haven't found a good recipe for! I'm sure this will be wonderful for this fall! I am very excited to try this one. Thanks again and we will miss your "Martha Monday" next week!

  2. Those look delightful! Have a great time on your vaca!

  3. That is such a cute idea!! I love it:D

  4. These are beautiful I want this pan soooooo badly!!!


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