The Partiologist: Fall Decor - Dollar Tree!

Fall Decor - Dollar Tree!

I'm always looking for ways to make things out of nothing, so that's what I did with my maple tree.  By using tree branches and dollar store leaves!

Dollar Tree... Tree

I called our landscaper and asked if they had any dead tree branches that I could have.

And YES, he said there was a huge pile and I could "knock myself out" going through it!

I found these two perfect branches (other then the crocked ends that I had to saw off with my bread knife).

I put them in a pot that I already had and filled the pot with rocks to stablize it.  

If any of my family is reading this, I am putting a saw on my Christmas list!

I bought this little package of leaves for a dollar and glued them to the tree branches.

And what better way to display the Maple Leaf Cookies I made as party favors.

Then I sprinkled more leaves around the bottom.

Ooops, I guess now it's my two dollar tree - had to use another pack of leaves! 

And this little scarecrow was something I had, so I tucked him into the side.

And there you have it - my Dollar Tree! 
Someday soon, this little tree may just have to be something else....I've already got a plan!!!

It's time to plant a Dollar Tree don't you think?



  1. Welcome back! I never would have imagined that cute tree costs $2! Very creative!

  2. I'm so glad at least one person missed me!! :)

  3. I missed you! Hope you had fun at "camp"! HA! Your tree is perfect just like all your other projects!


  4. I miss you already!!! And now I can hear you talking as I read! I love it!

  5. Love your little tree. I'm honored to have met "The Partiologist" in person!! I told you I follow your blog :0)


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