The Partiologist: Conversation Heart Party - Cookies & Candy!

Conversation Heart Party - Cookies & Candy!

You really didn't think I would have any kind of a party without cookies did you? 

Double Stuff Sugar Cookie Hearts

Two Two, Two cookies in one!  Then I had to get them ready for presentation~
Ready they are! 
Not cookies, but needed an excuse to make some pretty wrapped Hershey's miniatures~
Perfect inside a pretzel stick bag!

Having the Conversation Heart theme, I had to make these~
Mini Heart Cookies topped with Fondant.
Ready for the party~
I Love, I Love, I love, my little Pretzel Stick Bags! (Singing)
Yep, I Heart U!

Really, I Puffy Heart U!!


  1. The pretty, pretty pastels are so precious. I consider these "comfort" foods.

  2. What size is your cookie cutter? Did you use a stamp for the letters? Beautiful.

    1. The mini cutter is about 1 1/2" and I made a stamp with 3 letters for each cookie. That's all that would fit! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Without a doubt, you always bring a smile to my face! Adorable! Where do you find the time?
      Love to rush to see what you have created in the latest post! Gotta put a book together and give MARTHA a bit of a run.... ;) With all due respect to Martha of course!

  4. These cookies are just the cutest thing. Would you share how you made the stamp for the heart cookies. I could see using something like that for a lot of things. I am also wondering where you got the nice clear, skinny little bags that you use. I ordered some from a catalog, but when they came they had such a odd goldish cast to them. Thanks for your help and all the wonderful ideas. Cookies4kids

    1. I used a clay embossing set from Michaels for the stamp and the pretzel bags are made by wilton - any craft store should have them. Hope this helps!

  5. These are all beautiful, I love the soft pastel color on these. You are so creative!!!

  6. I need some pretzel bags... You have me convinced! Beautiful as always!!!

    1. Callye - you're the queen of mini's - now go get some pretzel bags! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

  7. OH I love love how you packaged your conversation heart cookies!! I'm helping my SIL make conversation heart cookies that she saw on Martha Stewart. I gotta show her yours!! Off to share:D

    I may have told you that blogspot has a love and hate relationship with wordpress...sometimes I can leave comments with WP no problem and sometimes not. So using my Google acct for this comment...but you know who I am, right Kim?! :P

    Maysem @

  8. You always have such fun ways to package your goodies!!

  9. You're brilliant. What a fun party. :)

    And thank you for sharing your cookies at CookieCrazie's 4th birthday party. :)



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