The Partiologist: Conversation Heart Party - DIY Treat Stands!

Conversation Heart Party - DIY Treat Stands!

Today you'll get to see the close up of the Mini Heart Cupcake Stands I made to display a sweet little Valentine Treat.

DIY Valentine Cupcake Stands

Best of all they were so very easy to make.  Maybe they were easy because I took a Shop class in high school.  I remember, I made a candle stick and a very ugly lopsided bookshelf.  I went to a very small country school (think Little House on the Prairie) and they didn't offer Home Economics.  I guess Shop class was the next best thing...I got to create right?

Sand the rough edges.
Paint wooden candlesticks and wooden hearts.
Let Dry.
Hot glue together.
Top with treats.

And these were the easiest treats ever!  Store bought Chocolate Covered Cherries and decorated each one with frosting and sprinkles!

And I know you LOVE easy!  Candy Is Dandy, But Cherries are the Bomb!

Not wanting the paint to go to waste, I came up with another idea.  Used it to make the backdrop for the "Sweets" buffet.

Bought and painted wooden letters (again, I credit my Shop class).  Each letter was hung with red ribbon across the top of an artist canvas!  

Here's a look at one of the "Sweet" treats in the buffet. 
Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn Bars.

Topped with conversation heart colored white chocolate lips, again made from a chocolate candy mold. All packaged up.

Because I LOVE the colors of Conversation Hearts, I made Hot Lips Tags and sealed them with a Candy Colored Kiss.

Lips as Sweet as Candy!

Ah, Honey Honey
I Am Your Candy, Girl!


  1. I took the shop class instead of Home Economics! I wanted to build things! lol

    I love everything you have done here! The heart treat holders, the sweets hanging with ribbon,and the cherries!! Looks fabulous!

    Also, I think I see MoonCloud!!!!

    Happy party day and not Super Bowl Day:)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I still don't have mooncloud, just got lucky with natural light that day.

  2. I absolutely love these cupcake stands. What a great idea. You're so creative. I love decorating.

  3. I love this idea! Jim would absolutelly love the chocolate-drizzed popcorn bars.

    I'll bet this would be "Broncos" party if they were in the Super Bowl! HA! Hugs! Cheeron

    1. Yep it sure would!! Make those popcorn bars for Jim!!

  4. So so creative!! Love the little heart stands!!

  5. Love these - I just pinned them!

    Pleas come post them on my web site!
    A community to Create - Share - Inspire

    1. Oh yes, I'll be right over! Thanks for the invitation!!!

  6. These are adorable. Of course, your beautiful pictures make them look even more lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your heart stand are perfect. I love how you took items from the craft store and came up with a great use for them. The Sweets letters are, well, sweet!

  8. Love all of your treat stands! Perfect display for your pretty treats!

  9. Your heart stands are absolutely adorable...and not so difficult to replicate! I'd like to give it a try! But till' then, where is the Pin Pinterest them!


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