The Partiologist: Conversation Heart Party - Menu & More!

Conversation Heart Party - Menu & More!

I hope you're still hanging with me on this party and I'm not overwhelming you.  Maybe I'll slow down after Valentine's Day and give you a break.  

Valentine Menu

 After I made these, I thought of something else I SHOULD have done, but now it's too late.  After three hours of trying to turn the menu sideways on my computer before printing (so I could get two on one page) I somehow got it to work and here it is~
After printing and cutting, I rolled them up and tied with twine~
And sealed them with REAL sealing wax.  When I was a kid and heard the song about sealing wax, I thought it meant ceiling wax and wondered what the heck was that??  I never was the brightest crayon in the box!

But I think I'm getting a little brighter because I made some little party pics out of leftover paper from the InvitationsFolded the paper, used my little heart punch and glued them around toothpicks. 
I'll show you how I used them later!
And I'm even brighter for remembering
how to make the coffee filter/cupcake liner flower~
Can you see the conversation heart cupcake liner in there?? 
Easier than Where's Waldo!
A friend told me how she made her cupcake paper flowers and I remembered how to do it,  but forgot to take photos.  If anyone is interested, I can made another and take photos!

Oh yes, I've got more!  I think I'll run out of days before I run out of party! 

How Sweet It Is!


  1. you have such fun party ideas, how do you keep them all straight????

    1. I use clear storage bins for each party! That way I can see what's inside without opening.

  2. You have conversation heart central here, and I love it! Classic Valentine's day treat!

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing, love the conversation heart theme!

  4. I think you're extremely "bright" to come up with all of these ideas!!


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