The Partiologist: Conversation Heart Party - Cream Cheese Mints

Conversation Heart Party - Cream Cheese Mints

You're going to love the sweet minty taste of the Cream Cheese Mints.  Not to mention the beautiful pastel colors!

Valentine Mints
Making sure everyone would be able to take them home, I had to package them.  Because really, with all the other treats, who is going to eat a mint?  ME!

After mixing the mint "dough"  plop it on a cutting board.
Divide into sections to color.
Add a drop of food color to each section until you get your desired color and form in a little mint mold.  Sorry, I guess I stopped taking photos, I have a short attention span.

Here they are before getting "dressed" for the party.

Cream Cheese Mints
8 oz. cream cheese (room temperature)
2 lbs. powdered sugar
2 drops mint flavored oil

Mix all ingredients together. Add food coloring, one drop at a time until you reach the desired color.  Mix until all color is blended. Roll into small balls then dip in sugar. Press into molds and pop out immediately. It will make approximately 200 mints.

It Was Mint To Be!


  1. LOVE LOVE them!! The packaging is so adorable!!

  2. They are so cute. I was able to click on the recipe and it was there!

  3. Loved this! How long has it been since I made mints? Yes, you are right! For my wedding! I so remember your mints at your lovely wedding! Wasn't it just a few short years ago? HA! Can't wait to try this recipe!!!!

    Hugs! Cheeron

    1. Aww thanks - it's be just a few very short years! :)

  4. oooh sweet. I already have oodles of molds because I make homemade peanut butter cups. Now I can make homemade mints too :) These look so tasty too :)

  5. My family makes cream cheese mints for weddings, etc. My grandmother swears by using half rum extract and half whatever flavor that batch will be. They are certainly tasty!

  6. How long will these mints keep? I'm making them for a baby shower I'm helping host so I need to know how soon I can make them.

    1. You can make them today and stick them in the freezer between layers of wax paper! They freeze great!

  7. I had lost my recipe and I thought this is all I needed. haven't made them for years. Like maybe a couple times since pregnant with first child.


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