The Partiologist: Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

Oh, here I go again, more party ideas!  I had so much fun with the garden party, I decided to use those decorations again, only this time tweak them and turn it into a baby shower I had for my niece!  (None of the same people were at the shower - so lucky me - it was like new to them!!!)  Here's the little invitation that had me turning out ideas right and left.

Baby Invitation

So, the first this I had to do was made something fun for the table, along with the idea I used for the garden party. 

Here is the place setting.

The little boxes were filled with pastel jordan almonds. 

Oh, now you can see how I did the little place card tied on the napkin. 

When the guests came in I had this little game waiting for them to play throughout the party. 

I had party prizes for both the winner and of course the mom to be!

Now, on over to the little baby clothesline - that's where I had the cookie treats displayed.

Here's a close up of the cookies~

Then I made some lemon bars and added little buggy's to the top of each made from fondant.

Ooops, looks like one of the buggy's took a spill...

Then I added baby cupcakes.

Cute baby rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate.

Homemade baby fortunes cookies which I made from scratch and personalized the fortunes. 

We all read a fortune to the "mom" after lunch...some were kind of funny.

Next let's go over to the sparkling raspberry ice drink....YUM!

I added gingham "GIRL" letters to the wall.

Here's another concoction - Pink Berry Smoothies ~

I won't go into detail about the meal, but this will give you a pretty good idea.

The meal was a labor of love and the desserts...just LOVE! 

I almost forgot, I thought dippin' dots would be such fun.

Served on ice, we still had to eat fast before they melted!!

Now last but definitely NOT least - the Grand Chocolate Baby Cake!

This was a four layer chocolate cake with a chocolate wall - filled with berries! 

And served on Baby plates!

I spelled baby with a bottle of chocolate syrup, the morning of the party, ready to be served!

Oh Baby!


  1. Holy cow!! You must spend WEEKS planning each one of these parties! You have so many great ideas - how do you come up with such detailed plans?

  2. Do not be surprised when I crash your next party! Heck, i want the next one to be for ME!!!!

  3. You must throw the best parties, EVER! This is adorable!!

  4. Beautiful!! What did the fortunes say??

  5. I have to visit you when i'm in US and crash your party!! So awesome..everything is planned and thought for meticulously!


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