The Partiologist: Baby Shower - Part II

Baby Shower - Part II

Before I get on with the rest of the party, remember the cake...

The Berry Chocolate Cake
Again,  how I served it.

I just used my white dessert plates and wrote baby across the plate with chocolate!

Now I wanted to show you a better photo of the baby lemon crisps.

I cut the little buggy's out of fondant with a mini cookie cutter and stuck them in the lemon bars.

Then I decorated sugar cubes with pastel bows.

Piped with some of the frosting that I used for the cookies.

Now to go along with my "baby" theme, I came up with this.

I think I thought this was alot funnier than anyone else...

Now on to more serious food.

Cranberry turkey wraps topped with pretty little picks.

Here's a close up of one of the flowers holding candy.

Last, another photo of the garland I made for the tablecloth.

And one last look at the table.

Baby, Oh Baby!


  1. LOVE the chocolate writing on the plates! So great!

  2. I think the pigs in a baby blanket is funny too.

  3. YOU are so amazingly SPECIAL! I want to see your book in print! OMG, the chocolate baby on the plate? who thinks of this?!


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