The Partiologist: Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

I'm about to tell you a little something about myself that is a little unusual, some might even go as far as saying odd!.  I love having parties so much that I hosted a birthday party for Mable and Molly.  Now, you might think that is not so odd, but Mable and Molly are the two statues I have in my entry way who greet my guests at each party.  They are twins and I named them Mabel and Molly.  I decided to host a Birthday Party for the two who were celebrating their 29th birthday.

Birthday Party Table

Being the statues they are, they will never age past 29!!  So now I'd like to introduce you to the birthday girls...



Here is the invitation that was sent out for the party ~

The candles pull-out with the information ~

Now, you know I was serious! 

After wishing Mable and Molly Happy Birthday, everyone came into the kitchen for some lunch ~Or did we stop for a drink first?

Here are some of Molly's favorite... Margarita's! 

I rimmed each glass with different colored sanding sugar and used bright CANDLES for stir sticks!! 

Inexpensive curling ribbon hung from the bottom of the top cupboard.

The silverware was tied with colorful ribbon and a lollipop favor~

On over to the buffet table ~

Oh, but before I show you the entire table,  I have to show you my brilliant creation ....

My tablecloth is actually made from a new white shower curtain!! 

I tied bright colored ribbon through the rings of the curtain and placed the curtain on the table sideways so the ribbons hung down at different angles. 

I love the look and soooooooooo simple to make, you can use any color combo you want! 

I've actually used this idea on two other parties.

Okay, let's grab a bite...

Or, maybe two bites???

The table is decked out with all my pewter serving pieces - mostly from Pottery Barn, and others I just picked up here and there. 

I used more ribbon to scatter around the table and I sprinkled Gumballs all over!

Here's a closer look~

I stacked the glass cake stands to hold more sweets~

The top row is brownie pops dipped in chocolate and sprinkles~

The second row is an all time favorite - Salty Peanut Chews~

And the bottom row are balloon sugar cookies with little ribbons hanging down~

More ribbons were tied together and glued to the food labels.

Here are homemade caramels packaged and sealed with balloon stickers.

Below, more bright colorful candies.

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds, Sixlets and mini M & M's~

Tune in tomorrow for more on Mable and Molly's Party!!

Party Time...Any Time!


  1. Good grief...I am still stuck on the fact that you did ALL this for two inanimate objects...sorry, was I not supposed to mention that in front of Mable and Molly, lol?

    This is truly all your ideas, makes me want to throw myself a birthday party next month...and I usually avoid birthday's at all costs!

    Can we discuss that cute little "niche" where you always put the beverages? It is perfect...let me guess, you designed the kitchen with parties in mind!

    So glad you started a blog, I stop by everyday hoping to catch a glimpse of something new!

  2. Sweet-Tooth-Fairy (Angela)April 18, 2011 at 9:47 AM

    You are simply awesome Kim.... I just followed you but unable to post a picture coz the files are too big.. so will be a good and patient girl waiting to taste your yumi looking cookies!

  3. You are too funny! I would've loved to be at this party no matter what the occasion:)

  4. Sarah Asmus YackeyApril 20, 2011 at 8:47 AM


    The twins party was amazing! You are so creative and talented. Not only do you come up these wonderfully enticing ideas, but you execute them perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with all of us! ~ Sarah

  5. You are sooooooooo funny. And I am so sad I am not your neighbor. YOu should be an event coordinator for $$$$

  6. I am always in awe of your talents. I get so many great ideas from you. I am well known in my circle of friends for killer cakes,cookies,& pies. I just recently retired from my nursing career and can't wait to dive into my hobbies.Love your blog.

  7. Kim, this is classic!!! Love the party theme and it all looks just wonderful!!

  8. You are the MASTER at parties. If you can go to all this trouble and creativity for two statues... I can't even imagine what you'd do for real people. ;) I always love coming and taking a peek at what your up to. You're a delight Kim. ♥♥♥


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