The Partiologist: Fiesta - Part III

Fiesta - Part III

Good Morning Senors and Senoritas!  Welcome to my Cantina.  Grab a cold one and sit back and enjoy.

Cantina Station
I do have a few more pics for the day of my fiesta, so why not start out with the decor I added to the powder room off the kitchen.

On the wall...

Hung this on the wall  too ~

I almost forgot this, the condiment station!

Complete with chili pepper napkins, sour cream and guac to fill the empty bowls.

Nothing like an ice cold Corona - except if you're me and don't drink them!! 

But I had the idea ~

Now for my favorite part of the night.

Senor Sangria! 

I crack myself up when I come up with these things!

I decorated each glass with googly eyes and a mustache. 

Then I took little sombreros and glued pom poms around the rim. 

Take a closer look.

Don't the pom poms look like bushy eyebrows?? 

They were filled with a slushy Sangria!

Molly & Me - Two Sweet Chica's!

That's all till the next party...



  1. First I want to say how excited I am to be able to hold one of your gorgeous cookies in my hand! I can't believe I actually won! :)

    Second, I just love your decorations. Those sangria cups crack me up too. You're so creative and FUN!

  2. UNBELIEVABLE DETAIL. Wish I was there to share in the fun.

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say hi... I saw a cookie post by the sweet adventures of sugarbelle that linked to you and now I'm a new follower :)

  4. What adorable ideas! Just saw your link from Sugarbelle's blog and am excited to be a new follower! Love the Sangria cups! So creative!

  5. I LOVE your ideas! One favorite is hard to pick. I really like the red velvet cake. It is so pretty and festive.

  6. I always decorate the bathroom too! How can you not, it's a room everyone uses. I too dislike Corona's but I love the little hats on them. And those senor sangria's ROCK!

  7. What a great party set up!! Love those wine glasses! Thanks for stopping by I am your newest follower!


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