The Partiologist: Ladybug Picnic!

Ladybug Picnic!

I'm at it again - ready to fill you in on the indoor picnic I had.  Once, I tried to have a party outside, I had everything set up, the guests arrived, all was going perfectly until the cloud came over and starting raining on my parade party!  So quickly everyone started to help carry things in and I was soooooooo upset it was raining I think I was not being a very good hostess I know I was not being a very good hostess!  Finally I realized that the party could and would go on, and it did. 

Ladybug Picnic

Now where is this story going? 

I decided to have a picnic this spring and still a little worried about having it outdoors, I came up with the idea of an indoor picnic. 

Notice the little black and red polka dot wrap around label?

As soon as they stepped inside the entry they saw the cupcake tree I made out of a candle holder from Crate and Barrel. 

I placed eighteen vanilla cupcakes on all the branches. 

The little toppers had a black bow and said "Welcome Ladies"! 

Notice the little wrapper I made with my cricut - red with holes so you could see the black case inside ~

On over to the kitchen I showed them my little picnic/bread basket - Does anyone remember this song?

I think I was the only one who sang this in grade school! 

No one knew what I was talking about...I filled it with seven grain rolls from the bakery - at least with the ones I didn't eat! 

Wrapped each one with parchment paper and tied them with bakers twine  ~

This was the first little treat to be seen.

Chocolate Cheesecake Truffle Pops.

I filled little shot glasses with sugar to hold the stem and made leaves with my cricut and glued lady bugs on. 

Well, you know where we went next...

The little glasses were filled with a couple scoops of tropical fruit sorbet and then topped with sparkling wine. 

It was definitely the "ANT*I*DOTE" we needed! 

Ribbons were hung from each glass with paper I cut with a punch and put a ant brad in the middle.  The sign on the wall was again, made with my cricut. 

Everything was placed on ant covered checked fabric inside a black frame.

Here's a close up.

And the ice bucket with covered in magnetic ants, to look like the ants marched up the side of the bucket ~

I hope you'll tune in for more of my picnic ideas!
Forecast for tomorrow's post... 

99% Cute!


  1. Absolutely cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. You are soooooooooo clever! I just LOVE the way you can pull themes together so well!!

  3. adorable! over the top! Can u comment on storage of your theme decorations? My stuff is over flowing every shed, closet and nook in my house!


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