The Partiologist: Fiesta!


Good Morning Peeps!  (Can I call you my peeps?)  This was such a festive party, I couldn't wait to share it with you.  Lots of detail, so grab your pencil!  It was a FIESTA and what a party it was.
It all started with the invitation..


Here are the cute little dresses - YUM... lots of frosting!

Yes, I did invite Mable and Molly to the party, don't they look cute?

If you haven't already, I'd like you to meet Sweet Chica Mable.

And Sweet Chica Molly.

We started the night off with a little Mariachi Margarita.

The backdrop were tin tiles.

The little "serape" coasters were from "Mexico" at Disney's Epcot!

Each glass was rimmed with salt and a giant lime slice! 

I had the counter full of fun fiesta themed appetizers.

I made little individual "Tex Mex" dip with chips and wrapped some bright pipe cleaners around the bottom.

The fruit was topped with some little honeycomb fruit picks that I found at World Market.

I made skirts for the "Pepita's" cups out of crepe paper. 

I wish I knew I was going to be doing this blog and I would have taken better photos, oh wait,  I mean I would have tried to take better photos!! .

Uno Dos Tres Shrimp Cocktail~

And homemade Spanish Peanuts.

Tied in cone shaped bags from Hobby Lobby with bright colored ribbon!

I just put them on the rug for the photo, but they were out on my appetizer counter here ~

Right next to my little donkey pinata, Silo!

And I had to make cookie favors to match!!

All the confetti was made by none other!  Just cut chunks of crepe paper streamers!

Every Fiesta needs a Gecko, I found this little fellow...

and had to make cookies to match!

Well, just let me just say this is only the beginning - lots more Fiesta to come, but for now I need a Siesta!

Ole Ole!



  1. Wonderful arrangement! I love the cookies, but the geckos above all!! I'm your follower! From Italy...If you want to have a look at my blog...TX

  2. I'm a follower!!! Love the gecko cookies!

  3. I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful party plans and cookie creations. I am a follower.
    Cookie Friend (Diane)

  4. *With my hypnotist Darth Vader voice* Remember, I'm your follower number 2 and I want most than anything win your cookies, with my powers I can translate your invitation señorita...

    Olé y Olé ¡es una fiesta grande!
    Diríjanse al sur de la frontera por fajitas y margaritas
    Sábado 10 de julio de 2010 6 p.m.
    En la cantina de Tim y Kim
    ¡Vamos a agitar las maracas!

    I don't like shake the maracas, but if I have to, I will... I HAVE to win...

  5. Kim,

    You post. I follow! Your parties are as amazing as the cookies, which I would love to win!

    Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs

  6. I follow you! I love your cookies.

    Missy C.
    Edible Art

  7. I'm a definite follower of you Kim! LOVE your party! Muy Bonita!!

  8. I am posting for Laurie: I love Kim's cookies, especially the ones with lots of frosting!

  9. I'm a follower too, Kim! Your parties and your attention to detail are amazing!!! Oh, and I LOVE the gecko cookies!!!

    aka "cakencookiebakr"

  10. My dear Kim, you are such a party person!! I LOVE how you organises your party and all your ideas!!

  11. I am a follower and I love how you put together this party!

    Translation: We shake your maracus!

    Sounds like fun to me!

  12. I am a follower!! Love your blog :)

  13. Just found you but now I'll be a follower. Vivan todas las fiestas !!!

  14. Just wanted to let you know that the flamenco dresses are AMAZING!


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