The Partiologist: Garden Party - Part II

Garden Party - Part II

Good morning! I don't know if I should start the morning off with Lemon Drop Martini's, but they are next on the list....

Lemon Drop Martini's

Lemon Drop Martinis  The Partiologist
To complete this layout, I started with some black pipe cleaners and attached a little bumble bee to each end with my trusty cool glue gun!  I found the little bee's at Joann Fabrics.  Then I wrapped a pipe cleaner around each stem of the glass and let it "fly" around the top.  Also, to make the glasses a little more festive, I rimmed each with yellow sanding sugar.
When I was at Joann's I remembered seeing a metal bumble bee~

Metal Bumblebee

And one morning I woke up and knew what I wanted to do.

So I got started and "let's get buzzed" was the theme of that area! 

Lemon Drop Martinis  The Partiologist

Every inch of my kitchen space is used for my parties! 

Next to the drinks is a little dish of lemon drop candies and bumble bee sugar cookies I made as one of the many take home favors!

Bumble Bee Cookies  The Partiologist

Now, let's go back to the dining table, I almost forgot to show you what I did to create the table cloth. 

Tablecloth  The Partiologist

I guess this idea came from seeing the cutest little banner in the Land of Nod catalog and I knew I could make something out of it. 

So, I ordered three of them....always be sure to have enough, especially if you really don't know what you're going to be using it for! 

Added white ribbon...

How to make a tablecloth  The Partiologist

and pom poms~

How to make a tablecloth  The Partiologist

 After that I bought a little white baby quilt and sewed the banner around the edges. 

How to make a tablecloth  The Partiologist

I decided that I would also use the banner to create a "chandelier" over the table. 

Basically used the same banner, ribbon and pom poms and hung it around the edge of the ceiling medallion.

The ribbons hung down, but not too long to block the view of the guests at the table. 

This is how it looks once I had it all put together, short ribbons for the table cloth and long ribbons for the chandelier. 

The ribbons dangled off each side of the table.

Garden Party Table  The Partiologist

And here is a view of the table...

Garden Party  The Partiologist

Okay, now on over to a little space that I always find room for something fun~

Cotton Candy  The Partiologist

Used some fun little shot glasses and filled them with cotton candy. 

I created Sunny Skies and Cotton Candy Clouds topped with Martha Stewart flag picks. 

The little flowers on the base and the tag are really supposed to be wall art, but I had other intentions!!

Next, it's off to my flower pots! 

I used a three tier cupcake stand from Crate and Barrel and took the top and middle layer out so I would have room to place each terra cotta flower pot. 

I baked Rosemary Flower Pot Bread in each pot - so yummy I ate all of the leftovers!

Rosemary Flour Pot Bread  The Partiologist

Stay tuned... or Get Buzzed!


  1. Kim,
    You are SO creative!!! I love all of your ideas. Can't wait to see what's next.


  2. Great start to your blog Kim! You put us mere mortals to shame!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so CREATIVE. You amaze me with cookies, and now you are amazing me with these ADORABLE parties! BUT...the view out your windows is a little distracting. I think you live in HEAVEN!

  4. WOW...such creativity. I think my favorite has to be "Let's get buzzed" it! Look forward to checking out your blog for great party ideas!! TFS!

  5. I'm head over heels about the bee cookies! Love the little flower placed on them...I have a soft spot for bees/beehives:)


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