The Partiologist: Garden Party!

Garden Party!

Okay, here goes...I decided to start with a party that would be perfect for Spring.  And with Easter right around the corner, you could certainly use these ideas for your Easter Brunch/Lunch.  For me, the theme usually starts with seeing an invitation and from there my mind goes wild with ideas.  Isn't this the cutest invitation?? How could I not buy these and have a party??

Garden Party Invitation

Garden Party Invitation  The Partiologist
I feel the invitation always sets the mood for the party, I want everyone to be as excited as I am. 

The invitations are sent out three weeks in advance. 

Party Invitation  The Partiologist

Getting the invitations printed and envelopes labeled and stamped are done as soon as possible. 

Anything that can be done ahead of time, should be done ahead of time! 

Another fun way to get the party started before it even starts, is the wording on the invitation. 

I usually come up with some silly verse, and my friends know me, so they would expect nothing less. 

The invite reads:

Dots and Stripes...Butterflies and Bees, We'll dine in my garden...You'll love what you see! 

Faux Gardening Advice, Call Your Perennial Host  - Kim  (Everyone knows I don't garden)

Garden Invitation  The Partiologist

Now for a peek inside the party.... Each place setting had a cute little butterfly cupcake~

Butterfly Cupcakes  The Partiologist

Sitting on edible grass, under a glass dome. 

 Cupcakes  The Partiologist

The water goblets were embellished with a little butterfly which I used my glue gun to attach and they easily popped off after the party. 

Butterfly  The Partiologist

Different sized glass flower dishes were displayed down the center of the table holding sweet little pastel candies of taffy, jordan almonds, mints etc. 

Pastel buttons acted as confetti, sprinkled all over the dining table. 

Flower Serving Dishes  The Partiologist

The place cards were card stock initials for each guest and glued to the tag where I printed the last letters of their name. 

Tied with a satin cord and a chocolate coated reception stick, each was attached to a rolled napkin. 

Name Tags The Partiologist

On to the Menu card... I printed these up in advance, but make sure you won't be changing your menu. 

But don't worry, if that happens (which it once did to me) I just handed out little papers that said "grilled vegetables" will be playing the part of "glazed carrots"!  LOL 

At first my guests looked at me like I was crazy, but then I explained that it was just like going to the theatre, if there is a change in the cast, they always insert a little paper telling who will be playing the part. 

They probably still thought I was a little nuts, but things like that really make me smile! :)

Menu Card  The Partiologist

My Pretty Place Setting~

Garden Party Dining Table  The Partiologist

Stay tuned for more on this party tomorrow....

Stop & Smell The Flowers!


  1. SOOOO creative! I'm glad to see you blogging although I know it takes so much time (it gets better). Sometimes the tought of blogging a project keeps me from being creative!!! I love the pastel buttons sprinkled on the table.

  2. P.S. I am now a follower of your blog. :D

  3. It's all so perfect, Kim! I LOVE those cupcakes under the domes. Too cute!!!!

  4. Can't wait to see more from you! I second the buttons -- what a cute, clever way to decorate!

  5. everything is so cute i love the ideas of the buttons and the cupcakes

  6. You are so so very talented kim and I'm really it all. I'm so.glad you're a blogger now :-) eagerly awaiting.tommorrows ahem, todayss post.

  7. Wow Kim! I'm so impressed! Not only can you do cookies, you can do gorgeous setups too!

  8. I agree with all above, but I'm busy coveting your house!! It looks gorgeous!

  9. Darling table! I LOVE the cupcake domes! Where did you find them?

  10. Oh my goodness! I need those little domes!! Do you think they would make vegetables taste better?

  11. I always love everything you do. I'm back to this post and always forget to ask you....are you saying you use a glue gun on your good crystal and the glue comes off with no damage? What a fantastic thing to learn in I won't be cracking my Waterford :-)))

    1. Oh, I always hot glue things on my waterford! LOL Of course my glasses are those that can be replaced and so far the only reason I've needed to replace any is because I've dropped them! You might want to use your dollar store glasses! :)


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