The Partiologist: Ladybug Picnic - Part II

Ladybug Picnic - Part II

Good morning and welcome back to my Indoor Picnic!  If you LOVE ladybugs, you're in for a treat.  Hey pretty lady, this one's for you!

Ladybug Party

I first want to show you the glasses before they were filled so you could see where I stuck the ladybugs. 

After the party, I peeled them off, which was little harder than I thought, by the time I was done,  it ruined my manicure!

The writing on the wall~

Hey Pretty Lady...This Bug's For You!

And a close up of the glass.

Each had a wooden ladybug propped up on the glass!

All filled up.

Moving right along, I made chocolate covered pretzel sticks and placed each one in a Martha Stewart juice glass that was tied with gingham ribbon and filled with paper shred.

Daisy Duke's Pretzel Rods.

On the other side of the counter was a black metal three tiered stand - so I HAD to make some treats for that.

The top tier had little brownies in red and white polka dot mini cupcake cases ~

The second tier was filled with homemade chocolate covered sea salt caramels.

 Each was topped with a little leaf and ladybug I made out of fondant.

On the bottom tier were "Grasshopper" Brownies (mint filled chocolate brownies) placed in gingham wrappers topped with a little note "Enjoy".

Since there weren't enough treats, I used my jars for some red and black candy.

No trouble finding red and black candles and I added gingham ribbon to them. 

I was going to wait to show you our dessert (at least the one we ate at the picnic) but I just can't wait any longer! 

So here it is.

I got this idea for a daisy cake from Lindy Smith. 

Then I added The Partiologist Touch...

Added a leaf and little lady bugs (chocolate cakes) all around and one on top. 

The daisy cake part was a chocolate cake and the petals were made out of fondant and formed over a paper towel cardboard. 

Here's a view from the top ~

The ladybug cakes were made out of the same batter as the daisy and they were soooooooo yummy!  I doubled the recipe, and I've been eating a ladybug every day.. that's something I never thought I would say! 

Well, I hope this has fulfilled my promise of "cute" and if you're still wanting more...

I'll give you more!!!


  1. Love Love Love the Daisy Cake....but I'm thinking I'll copy the idea for a cheese spread (ball) appetizer surrounded with endive....too cute.

    Do you ever share recipes or are you only here for the decorating aspect? Love your site.

  2. I love your lady bug picnic. So many yummy treats - I'm feeling the sugar!
    Darling ideas! Kim, you really do have a born talent for this "stuff.".

  3. I just found your blog and I LOVE all the party ideas! I completely support you putting all of these ideas in a book someday. You would sell a lot of copies. A blog is a very good way to get the book started. I'll be checking in frequently to see all of your beautiful ideas! I wish I lived close enough to attend your parties! I give great parties, but to attend one but be wonderful!!!

  4. I just wanted to tell you that I just discovered your blog and LOVE IT!!! You are so creative and your parties are so well thought out and planned. All the small details are amazing!! I was so enthralled I read every one of your posts and can't wait for more!! :)

  5. Thank you all for taking the time to comment! I start on the decorations years in advance! I've already dicided on a theme for next year's luncheon and so I am collecting things NOW! As far as the treats, I start making them a couple weeks in advance, wrap tight in saran and freeze!

    Yes, I will soon be starting to post some of the recipes!

  6. Beautiful party! Love your blog! Thanks so much for linking to the Pretty Packages Party! Hope to see you here again next month!


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