The Partiologist: Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

By turning a canopy into a decoration, I had the prettiest setting for my baby shower.  AND it would also work beautiful for a bridal shower or even a birthday.

Canopy Baby Shower

The invitation I used...

It's a little pop-up invite - super cute huh?

Since I've been doing parties, this has to be one of my favorite decorations.  

Almost four years ago I was walking around a department store and came upon this canopy. 

I fell in love with it and decided to buy it and use it for a party. 

Little did I know,  I would soon be hosting two baby girl was meant to be!!

And since none of the same people would be at the both showers, I could use it twice!   

One shower I used white flowers and the other  pink.  

Again, I had no idea I would ever be posting photos, so again not such good pics, I don't even think I had a digital camera then!

But for all parties I host in the future, I promise better photos! 

Here is my canopy at work...I guess really at play~

I lifted my light fixture as high as it would go and then attached the canopy to it.

Another view.

Here's the party with the pink.

I used pink satin fabric and draped in on the table to hold all the goodies. 

So, the next time you see something you love - buy'll be glad you did!

Pretty, Pretty Canopy!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Love it, what a truly beautiful table!!!!! I am sure everyone was raving.

  2. OMG...You have topped it all..that is going to be one fantastic and raving elegant and gorgeous it is!!!!!!

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! and now I found it!
    Everything looks amazing. Great Job!

  4. I am so glad you started a blog. the cookies are only one tiny little layer! WOW!

  5. PS, I love the invite!! Sweetsugarbelle

  6. so cute!! love it girl!! want have another baby now.


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