The Partiologist: Chocotherapy!


I'm not sure if I mentioned that I love chocolate and have hundreds of recipes just waiting for me to try. I needed a reason to make a few and what better reason than to have a party?  This party was  just plain fun & simple and thought you would enjoy it too.  Are you in need of a little...


Here is the "simple" table.

I took a white table runner and added brown and pink ribbon with double stick tape.  

Each place setting had a white pillow box that I filled with strawberry malt balls and tied them with more brown and pink ribbon. 

Notice the little cupcakes sitting on their stand? (which is the coffee cup turned upside down!) 

Take another look.

I also made double chocolate cupcakes topped with a pink flower.

Now for the desserts.

I did have a few choices...From top left: 

Ethel's Cocktail Chocolates 

Mini Reece's Cups with Royal Icing Pink Flower

My first Berry Cake

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels with Walnuts

Chocolate Almond Gateau

Bing Cherry Chocolate Tartlets

Vanilla Ice Cream  (Just in case someone didn't like chocolate!)

In the background you can see a simple pink and brown ribbon tied on the back of the chairs.

By the time this was finished, we were all sick, but in a good way!

Don't you need a little "Chocotherapy"?


  1. I have GOT to get on your invitation list! I could live on chocolate!

  2. wow, that's a great idea... :)

  3. What better reason to throw a party then a little chocolate and good friends. You are the best party person I know, so creative. Where does it come from? Can't wait to see what is next.

  4. A chocolate party sounds great!


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