The Partiologist: Jell-O Roll Ups Recipe!

Jell-O Roll Ups Recipe!

Good Morning!  Although  I am not hosting a Fourth of July celebration, I thought back to one of the parties I had years ago when my kids were little and I made the little Jell-O roll ups.  I love making them in all the colors, but for the fourth I made the red and blue.

Jell-O Roll Ups

You can lay them flat, or turn them on their side~

They are super simple and even the grown-ups can't resist eating one. 

I really have no idea where this recipe came from, I jotted it down on a little piece of paper over 18 years ago.

 It starts with this.

Jell-O Roll Ups

1 (3 oz.) pkg. JELL-O
1/2 cup warm water
12 large marshmallows

Lightly spray an 8 inch square pan with non-stick cooking spray.
Dissolve warm water and Jell-O in large bowl and microwave for 1 minute. 

Add marshmallows to Jell-O mixture, stir to coat and return to microwave for 1 1/2 min. until marshmallows are puffed and melted. Whisk until marshmallows are completely dissolved.

Pour into prepared pan. Refrigerate until well set, they should be very firm and easy to handle. Loosen edges with a knife. Starting at one end, roll up tightly and remove from pan.  Cut into spirals.

More Jell-O Roll Ups...

JELL-O!  It's what's for dinner!


  1. Thanks...those are so cute...will have to give them a try...or better yet!...let my grandkids make them and pass them out...maybe sell with a lemonade again! monna from Indiana

  2. What a great idea and so fun for kids in the summer. I will for sure try this one with my girls at my side. Thanks for the great ideas. From, two beautiful girls in Ft. Collins

  3. Soooo FUN! What a great beginner recipe for little ones. Great Birthday Party Favors if you package festively! Thanks for another really inspiring recipe!

  4. These are so fun and really cute too. Thank you for sharing dear. ♥

  5. NEATO MOSQUITO!!! I LOVE THIS! We are so doing this, and when I tell my kids it was your idea {your cookies are famous around here} They will love you even more!

  6. That is so cool.... gonna try this with my girls.... Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. These are too cute! Don't have the best of luck with Jello but will definity give this try!

  8. very cute and easy idea!

  9. I tried this... and mine did not look nearly as cute as yours! (But they were SO TASTY!!) Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!!

  10. These turned out great, and my kids think they are SO neat. Thank you!

  11. How did you get it to look like a layer of white and blue? Mine is all blue....

    1. Hmmm, I'm not sure why they turned out all blue. I used the above recipe and they worked, I'm hoping to remake these soon and I'll let you know if you need to change anything.


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