The Partiologist: Jungle Party!

Jungle Party!

Good morning all my party people!  I decided to continue with one of the luncheons I had a few years ago, it's a little more on the simple side.  Wild, but simple.  It all started with the invitation...

Jungle Invitation
The little monkey swings from tree to tree, so I decided to go with a jungle theme. 

When most people would see this invitation, they would think it would be a perfect invite for a two year old....NOT me! 

I found some outdoor hibiscus and leaf dishes at Frontgate and then added to the collection with some dishes I found at Target.

I used rafia chargers under each plate and fish netting down the center of the table.

I used my three square vases from Pottery Barn to serve celery, carrots and dip. 

The leaf was for the salad and the hibiscus was for the veggies. 

I tried not to get upset if they used the wrong plate for the wrong food item!  :)

A long plastic leaf tray was used to hold palm tree topped fruit kebobs.

I served iced Aveda Tea - have you ever tried it iced?  It's great!

I don't know how it happened, but that year I found some parasol picks at Pier I and they matched my decor perfectly!

I filled coconut bowls with crackers and mixed nuts. 

And off to the right is a ...(What??? a spoon out of place????) oh, I mean a hibiscus cookie to match the plate.  

Besides the cookies, each guest was given a box of Tea Forte, which had a little leaf coming out of the top. 

Here's a close up of the cute little tea boxes.

And a close up of the parasols with the plates.

Can you feel the Island Breeze?


  1. how clever of you! love the theme!

  2. I LOVE the look of your table. It is fabulous! This is one of my favorite's so far! How fun!

  3. Your table looks amazing, I love it, great job!!!

  4. LOVE it!!!! I wish they still had those leaf plates and hibiscus plates. They are so cute!!

  5. I know that invite!!! Ive made cookies to match! YOU are my fave!


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