The Partiologist: Candy Corn - Sugar Scrub!

Candy Corn - Sugar Scrub!

Okay, really, you have to stay with me on this one.  It is so simple your five year old could make it!  It's a recipe for Sugar Scrub that I turned into a Candy Corn Sugar Scrub!  Great little gift or party favor!

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub!
Start out with two simple ingredients.

Sugar and Oil.  And you can add a little fragrance, so your recipient won't smell like canola. 

I thought a citrus essential oil would be perfect. 

Mix it together and divide into three little bowls.

Add some yellow food color to one bowl and orange food color to another. 

Keep white, well, white.

Mix them up.

Then layer in cute little jar.

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub Recipe 

2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Canola Oil

Mix together and add 1 tsp. essential oil

See, I told you it was simple!!!

Now, I just hope we all don't turn orange and yellow while using it!!


  1. Seriously, how do you come up with all of these ideas? This one is my new favorite!

    Thanks, nana

  2. These are soooooo cute! Once again you have come up with a darling idea! And one I don't have to bake so I won't ruin it! Thanks!

  3. LOVE it! Oh my goodness, you are so creative and clever. I'm picturing all kinds of fun color combinations for the holidays!

  4. I love this idea...I think it will turn us colors though, so someone try it and let us know!!

  5. Wow ! What a fabulous idea - I love it! Wondering where you get the citrus fragrance from?

  6. you can buy really awesome fragrances from they are made for bath products. Also,soap colors wont turn your skin colors. :) this is a sweet idea.. love it!

  7. Anonymous - you are brilliant - soap color - now why didn't I think of that!!! Probably because I haven't made any soap....YET! And sweetcakes is a wonderful site!!! Thanks!

  8. I wonder if you could use a bit of vanilla to add scent? It might change the color but it could be worth a try...

    1. If you don't want to change the color, maybe try clear vanilla? And I didn't change color from the food dye! :)

    I've always made my own coconut sugar scrub.....but this takes it to a whole new Halloween level! I'm so pinning this!

    Kelly at Smart! School {House}

  10. is there a specific type of sugar that works best?

  11. Great little treat! Do the colors run in the jar? Wondering how far in advance these can be made:)

    1. It's been awhile since I made them so I don't remember how long I left it out before using. I remember that the colors did not run together though.


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