The Partiologist: Push Pops - Day 9 - Jingle Bells

Push Pops - Day 9 - Jingle Bells

I hope you're not all having flashbacks from candy corn thinking when will it end!!  My biggest decision is deciding which one to show you next, so I think I'll keep it simple. 

Jingle Bell Push Pop

This is how it started...Burlap, jute and red bells (all from Joann Fabrics).

By now you know the drill - cut the burlap the size of the push pop, wrap around and glue down the back. 

Wrap some of the jute around and tie in knot in the front. 

I used some florist wire and put the bells on and tucked it in the knot and twisted it up. 

Lo and behold a Jingle Bell Push Pop.

Now, I didn't really know what kind of cookie to make, so this is kind of lame.

Cookies covered in red fondant and decorated like a bell!

Of course, you can FAKE IT don't MAKE  IT and fill with Cherry Sours!

Then while out shopping again and supporting our economy, I found these little jingle bells (Hobby Lobby) that would fit perfectly around the push pop container.

They just Velcro around the back! 

Much easier I must say, but it still counts as part of Day 8.

Jingle All the Day!


  1. I love the jingle bell idea. Thanks so much.

  2. Love it! I am amazed at how many you come up with! Is there any end to your creativity and imagination? LOVE IT! Cheeron!

  3. Love them ALL. We don't want the twelve days of push pops to end. from, twobeautifulgirls

  4. You are so much fun!! The cookies are very cute!!!


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