The Partiologist: Silver Christmas Dinner Party - Part I

Silver Christmas Dinner Party - Part I

Are you ready for some Christmas???
It's never too early to be talking about Christmas,'s never to early to be planning a Christmas Party!! And it snowed, so I think it was a sign that I start with some Christmas ideas!!  Plus, I was so excited to share this party with you and tell you how easy it was to make it look so festive. 

First up is the invitation. I couldn't find an invitation that I loved and also showed my guests the theme of the party, so I decided to make my own~

DIY Party Invitation
I had the invitation in my "little book of invitations" so it looks kind of smashed, (it didn't know it would be featured in a blog), but I think you get the idea. 

I purchased silver card stock with matching envelopes from Joann Fabrics. 

Then I printed the wording on each invite and sprayed them with silver glitter spray.

After letting the glitter dry a bit, I punched two holes with my extended hole punch and tied on a red napkin with some Christmas ribbon. 

Now that wasn't so hard was it?? 

In fact I always make up my invitations waaaay far in advance so I never feel rushed.

So now they knew that the party would be red and silver and it would be a sit down dinner party.

Usually I host an open house, that year I tried something different.  Once coming into the kitchen, I had a few silver decorations.

I made this arrangement by putting fake snow in a vase and filled it with silver stems. Bought the sparkly Joy and added some glass Christmas trees.  (WOW! Who knew you could buy Joy!)

Three very silver candles~

This is the appetizer display - forgot to take photos after the food was out.  (You'll have to use your imagination!)

No imagination needed for these drinks!

The glasses are filled with a frozen Cranberry Ice Cocktail. 

I glued a silver ball to the end of silver pipe cleaners and wrapped them around the stem of each glass.

Sugared the rims and topped each drink with sugared cranberries.  (Long before the party I wrapped the silver pipe cleaners around each stem.)

I hung little silver snowflake ornaments on each glass and rimmed the glasses with silver sanding sugar.

Shrimp Cocktail.

After looking through lots and lots of serving dishes, I created this platter with five different pieces.

The oval platter on the bottom for the shrimp, turned a small condiment bow upside down in the middle and topped it with a small star shaped dish, (holding the lemon wedges). 

Then I used a candlestick upside down to hold the larger star dish, (holding the cocktail sauce). 

After all this, I held my breath that it wouldn't fall over and it didn't.  I just layered them up and used hot glue to hold them together for the evening and then popped them apart when the party was over.

Well, you won't want to go too far, the next post will be the table....and it's one of my favorites of all time!  Let's just say...

You'll Be Dazzled!


  1. WOW! I get tired just looking at all you did. Every year I think I am going to have a party and pretty much every year I don't. Maybe I will get it together with the blog to encourage me along...we will see!

  2. Okay! Now you are creating your own serving platters! That is awesome and way beyond me! What would I do without you to inspire me!!!


  3. That is all just magical!! I love the marshmallow topped drinks on the shining snow. Stunning!

  4. Yay!!! I love reading about your cool party preparations. You have such great ideas!! I guess that's why you're The Partiologist!!

  5. My favorite is the platter with fake snow and Christmas lights. So simple but a huge party effect. I think I could do that if I ever had a party.fromtwobeautifulgirls

  6. This looks fabulous, Kim!! How lucky your guests are to be invited to such fun and well-thought out parties!! Everything is beautiful!


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