The Partiologist: Silver Christmas Dinner Party - Part II

Silver Christmas Dinner Party - Part II

It's time to be Dazzled.  It's the easiest way to make your table sparkle.

Silver Themed Dining Table

This has to be one of my favorite party tables and I hope you like it too! 

Are you wondering what that silver thing is that's hanging in the middle? 

Well, I wanted to put a chandelier over the table, and after pricing them, I had to come up with another idea.

I went to party city and bought three metallic fringe door curtains and hung them around my ceiling medallion, covering the top with silver tinsel from HL.

Then to have the table look just as festive, while I was at Joann Fabrics, I bought some silver fringey like fabric. 

Being the Partiologist person I am, decided to hot glue silver tinsel all around the edge of the fabric to finish the ends. 

And there you have it - my super duper, easy peasy, festive and fun, sparkly silver dinner table!

After I was finished getting the table cloth ready, the chairs looked a little lonely and drab, so I made some silver bows to tie to the back of each.

The red dishes really stood out nicely against the silver don't you think?

I took a large silver ball ornament and tied silver garland to it to serve as the center piece for the table. 

Trust me, it's not too early to start on your decor, almost all of the Christmas decorations are out, so you might as well get to work, and yes, you'll thank me later!!! 

See my cute little napkin? 

The silverware are tucked inside and wrapped with some silver garland that is made for mini Christmas trees. 

I had these done weeks before the party.  (Remember, I don't cook much, so we didn't miss the utensils!) 

Just wrap the silver round and round and then tuck the end under. 

Then I printed out the menu on white card stock and sprayed it with the silver glitter.

And yes, I made it all from scratch.

So when I do cook, I make it worth my while!

On top of each place setting was a silver party popper, that we popped and we all wore the crowns we found inside. 

To match the menu card, I made each place card out of white business cards, printed the names, sprayed with glitter and punched a couple holes at the top to tie with matching ribbon.

I used silver topped cocktail picks to put fresh cranberries on and put them in each glass.

The dessert I served... well, it's just so great that I'm going to give it a post all of it's own. 

Expect the Unexpected!


  1. Great table...loved it all! Nana

  2. Loved the light!..Just yesterday at Target I saw something like that and thought what would I use if for....:( should have bought it!

  3. Wonderful! Not only can it be for Christmas, change plates etc color and use for New Years! Great Decorating!

  4. Wow that table is beautiful. And the "chandelier". . . . STUNNING!!!




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