The Partiologist: Anti Valentine!!

Anti Valentine!!

I know in this wonderful world of Valentine's Day celebrations, there are some who simply don't enjoy the day.  I made cookies so you can really show how you really feel.

Anti Valentine Cookies

Love Bites!
No Rose!
Don't Break My Heart!
Don't Bug Me!
In Your Dreams!
Can't Touch This!
Kiss Off!
Love Stinks!
Who Gives A Hoot!
Just Say No!
Love is For Suckers!
Well that about does it for Anti Valentine's Day!
Next up - more from the Chocolate Valentine Fondue Party!

Bite Me Blondie!


  1. These are so them all!!

  2. Wonderful designs for the love-less at heart! They brought a chuckle to my morning!

  3. These just cracked me up, especially "Can't Touch This!". :0)

  4. Cutest cookies ever!!!

  5. They're all so cute and clever. I really love the skunk heart!! Great texture.

  6. You've all made my day by leaving me a comment! Thanks!

  7. Oh, you absolutely crack me up!! Love these! You are just so clever!


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