The Partiologist: Valentine Fondue Party - Part I

Valentine Fondue Party - Part I

It's time...time to get started on a Valentine party.  You've got exactly one month people, ONE MONTH!  And if you want to recreate this party you better get busy!  Over the years I've had Simple to Over The Top parties.  My first Valentine Fondue party was held years ago and was quite simple.  Then my most recent Valentine Fondue party was a little more elaborate. 

Valentine Fondue Party

Here's goes the started with the invitations I made.
That's Me - Cupid!

Here's the main fondue table with two types of chocolate in the fondue fountains - Milk & Dark - I'm a Dark Chocolate kind of gal!

I started with a black tablecloth and again used my white table runner.  Added some long red ribbon in different sizes and designs - rick rack, polka dots, checks, stripes and plain.   Around each fondue fountain are little heart shaped bowls filled with all kinds of sprinkles, nuts, coconut, red hots, 
M & M's, toffee bits, dried fruit, etc.  

If chocolate really is the fountain of youth - I am definitely the Oldest Living Teenager!  I propped the fondue fountains up on glass.  (I would NOT recommend doing this - you won't believe what happened!!)

You know everything tastes better if it's dipped in chocolate!

Each item was labeled with some silly love saying.  Items shown in this photo are fresh pear slices, maraschino cherries, mandarin oranges, strawberries, pineapple, apple slices, Jordan almonds, gummy hot lips.  I made mini heart shaped rice crispy treats and mini heart shaped cheesecake bites.

Put little picks in the rice crispy treats to dip and we drizzled chocolate over the cheesecake bites.  I propped some cream puffs on picks and displayed in sugar.  Let's call it my Cream Puff Bouquet.

If you could dip it, I served it!  Here I made homemade caramel nut squares, and heart shaped gingerbread cookies.

Toasted Coconut Marshmallows on a stick are displayed in the back.

The party table before all the treats were added.

In the center I used a cupcake holder to display little numbered votive cups filled with marshmallow popcorn bars. I called this - "How do I love thee, let me count the ways..."

Up front - more fruit.

Dippity Fondue Da!


  1. One of my goals is to get invited to one of your parties! You make life FUN!!!!

  2. looks like fun. and looks SO yummy!..and a great idea!..thanks...

  3. Hi Kim Forwarded this to Kierra. Know she will LOVE to see it. I have something for you. Let me know the next time you come to the Fort and I will meet you at Hobby Lobby or somewhere!! LOL

  4. I know a few ladies and little girls who would love a party like that! Yummm!

  5. It ALL looks so delicious! I'm a milk chocolate kind of gal:) Your table is so pretty and the treats look fabulous!

  6. what a fun party!! your blog puts a smile on my face everytime!!

  7. Definitely a dark chocolate girl! Hugs to you! Cheeron!

  8. Love all the LOVE in this party! So many cute treats and all the eye candy and real candy! Yum!

  9. Wait you didn't tell us what happened to the chocolate fountain propped up on glass!! Now I'm dying to know. :-). I forwarded your blog to my mom who isn't great with blogs but loooooves her some parties. We both decided we may have a chocolate party just for the two of us!!

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me sweet comments! Oh, yes, I will tell what happened to the fondue fountain!

  11. Yes, everything looks spectacular, but I'm still dying to know about the fountain!!

    1. It's posted in Part III of the Party! Thanks for stopping by!


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